Even 3rd semester nursing students are allowed to have fun!

So, just so you know, I don’t spend all my time obsessing over school.  OK – that’s totally a lie, but WHILE obsessing over school, I thought I’d let you in on what I’ve been doing for fun the last 14 weeks.

Although it’s not very much, this program does allow for a few weekends of fun, and I’ve definitely taken advantage of it.  One of my best friends moved to DC in January, so I’ve been spending about every other weekend hanging out in our nation’s capital. Molly, her boyfriend Nate, and I had a memorable weekend at the Cherry Blossom Festival early this month.  For those of you here next year, it’s so beautiful and definitely worth it to go!

I also bit the bullet and joined a gym.  Yes, there’s a gym in my building, but it’s kind of lousy and not very motivating for the dress I have to fit in for another best’s wedding this summer. Yikes!  I am LOVING getting my butt kicked in spin class, and even though I have to force myself to go half the week I love it.  It’s an amazing way to take out stress and take off pounds- or in my case give myself room for an extra cocktail or two on the weekends. Speaking of cocktails…

Baltimore has a surprising number of fun places to eat and lounge. Mama’s on the Half Shell has the most ah-mah-zing crab dip and some yummy drinks.  Some friends and I stopped in at Red Maple on Charles in Mt. Vernon Thursday night for some carefree dancing and fabulous conversation. I promise I’ve had time to study, guys, really…

Also, Orioles games are starting up again, and we are right there ready with our $8 Wednesday game tickets!

And, my favorite, I was the photographer for a MudChaser my friends were running in Northern Maryland. Don’t know what a MudChaser is?  Let the pics speak for themselves!!

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday with family and friends!!

Goofing around in the National Mall
Color coordinating in DC
Molly and I hamming it up at the Jefferson Memorial
Nate and I at the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC
Before MudChasers…
Hunter leading the pack
Josh and Lindsey making it through the finish!
Naomi, Natalie, and Leia finishing strong!
After MudChasers!
Friends gathering at Pickles before an O’s game!

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