Adult health: working with Big Kids

Adult health: working with Big Kids

So I thought I signed up for 3-day weekends and less intense class work.  Silly me, I must’ve forgotten I was in the accelerated program or something…

Actually the class work has been less, but the material is much harder (and dare I say it… a little more interesting?!?) I’m such a sucker for whatever class I’m in… take a guess at what kind of nursing I want to do now? You got it… Adult ICU… sigh. My curse of indecisiveness strikes again.

I’m in a Specialty Care Unit at Howard County Hospital.  My instructor is a nurse AND an attorney, which is an interesting combination.  Her story is she’s “been a nurse forever and decided she wanted to try something different.” She has a private practice with her husband (who is also a lawyer and firefighter- go figure).  Anyway, she’s great so far and our unit is beautiful.  It’s nice to get away from the bustle that is JHH and go to a quieter, more suburban hospital.  The nurses are exceptionally nice and the unit is brand-spanking new.  Big, bright rooms with new furniture and state-of-the-art beds. It’s all gravy except for the sick people… I kid, I kid.

The patients on this unit are not quite sick enough to be in ICU, but too sick for an MCU – they’re right in between.  So we have lots of ventilators, g-tubes, and loads of IV meds – every nursing student’s dream.

Our first couple days were orientation to the unit and to our nurses, so it consisted of pretty basic care that in the last nine months we’ve become pros at. The documentation system is also a bit of a conundrum that we’re figuring out as well.

My patient this week had a craniopharyngioma.  Google that and get back to me – welcome to Adult Health.

Have a great rest of your week!

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