OB and Pediatrics; Finding Fun in Placentas and Weight-Based Med Calc.

What an amazing semester this is turning out to be.  As hectic as our first 7 weeks are, I am fascinated by and am loving the information I’m learning.  OB and Labor/Delivery is a pretty amazing field to go into- a little messy, a little hectic, but I’m pretty sure the coolest thing I’ve ever seen so far in this program is new life coming into this world.  For some, it seems gross or intimidating, but if you let yourself embrace the experience, it’s almost hard not to get sucked into the awe-inspiring “birthday event” happening right in front of your eyes!

My peds clinical is turning out to be pretty fun as well.  I’m in the school-age children’s unit at Hopkins.  I had a great time with my 9-year-old this week.  We took turns listening to his lung and belly sounds, which was not only fun for him, but a great way for me to assess without making him uncomfortable.  There’s something so special about making a connection with kids- an innocence maybe that you might not get with adults.  I really enjoy the family aspect of pediatrics. As a family member of a once pretty sick sister, I can really appreciate the impact nurses have on pediatric care.

Those things being said, I don’t think OB is my calling, as much as I’m enjoying it. My heart strings are being pulled in the pediatrics direction, but then again, geriatrics is always in the back of my mind… liking every thing is turning out to be quite a conundrum for me.

Hopefully more details in the next post- my section really started this semester sprinting!

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