Who wants to study
when I can rearrange my
shoes and clean my room?

Next week is finals week. And instead of studying, I thought I would come up with my favorite modes of procrastination to share. In no particular order…

1. Write a blog about procrastination
2. Obsessively organize and update your Itunes
3. Catch up on episodes of your favorite TV show(s)
4. Nap
5. Find silly youtube videos to watch (like this one)
6. Google pictures of cute puppies
7. Plan your winter break vacation
8. Floss
9. Write a letter to your parents
10. Get started on the next “Great American Novel”
11. Nap
12. Study a foreign language (which will come in handy during your winter break vacation)
13. Learn how to make Tiramisu from scratch
14. Investigate the time old question “Who shot J.R.?”
15. Join a quilting bee
16. Start a new political party
17. Bake cookies while thinking about how you should study your notes on Diabetes
18. Clip coupons
19. Try to find your first grade boyfriend/girlfriend on Facebook
20. Think about/talk about going to the gym.
21. Take the cookies you just baked over to your neighbors and introduce yourself
22. Nap
23. Sign up for flying lessons
24. Make origami cranes
25. Finger paint

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