Hopkins Preps More Nurses—and Offers Jobs—with Streamlined BS-to-MSN Program

Now there is a more efficient way to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS). A new Johns Hopkins nursing program streamlines baccalaureate to master’s education with an added bonus: jobs at Hopkins-affiliated hospitals. The first class will begin in January 2011.

The goal is to get more people interested in, and prepared for, a long-term career as an inpatient nurse, says Julie Stanik-Hutt, PhD, RN, director of the school’s master’s programs.

Students will first enroll—and take up to 12 graduate-level credits—in the accelerated baccalaureate program. After receiving their RN license, students complete a one-year residency, a full-time paid position as an inpatient nurse.  These new nurses can then keep their full-time positions while undertaking a part-time master’s course of study, with the aim of becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

For more information, visit www.nursing.jhu.edu/hopkinsresidency.

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