‘Hopkins Hell Week’ – The craziest week of a Traditional 2012 Student

Being a new nursing student, I didn’t know what to expect from the course load this semester. I knew it would be challenging but I thought I would be able to get through it all. As the semester began, it seemed manageable. I actually read before every class and I finished assignments two or three days ahead of schedule so I wasn’t worried. I knew that as long as I stayed ahead I would be fine.

Students in the accelerated class and the previous trad class said that this period of the semester was the calm before the storm. They also said that there would be a time that every class would have something due the same week and there would not be enough hours in the day for you to possibly do everything that was asked of you. Frustration, tears, and many other emotions would definitely accompany this time.  I was nervous because I didn’t know if I had what it took to get through this if it ever happened to me. Well it did happen…. last week.

It was known as “Hopkins Hell Week” by the traditional 2012 class. I will give you a little insight to our craziest week so far. For me, my week may be different than some but everyone had a crazy week for sure. It all started on 10/31/10. Yes, that’s right, Halloween. It was a Sunday and I was volunteering at a Halloween Party for kids. It was a great time and a fun study break but I was there for most of the day. So afterward, I came home at about 6 to finish up my studying. Monday rolled around and I had a P&A test. That went pretty well and then it was time to study some more and then go to a lab later that afternoon. After lab, it was time to study again and then go over my group’s presentation for our next class. We headed to our 6:30pm class and gave our presentation and listened to the rest of the classes presentations as well. Then it was off to the shuttle to be home by 9:00pm. So if you are wondering, that was a busy 12 hour day at school.

After arriving at home, it was time to study some more for my next test. Tuesday morning was busy with class at 9 then another class at 10:30 where we had another test. That test came and went and then it was finally lunch. I had an hour lunch break to get myself together and try to rest my brain. Then it was time for lab. We had a 4 hour Health Assessment lab where we practiced  skills and got ready for our skills sign offs which are coming up soon.

Then it was home for more studying for our P&A sign offs the next day. Wednesday came around and we had class from 8-12. Then, I had to go to work from 12:30- 2:30 at a new job I was just starting. Back to school at 3:00pm to eat lunch and prepare for P&A sign offs. Sign offs went great and went by fast so that was a good day. Then home by 5:30pm to study for the next day’s classes. Thursday is a glorious day for traditional students in section 0201 because we don’t have class until 10:30 am and we get to go home by 3:30pm. Thursday wasn’t too stressful but by 10 pm it was bed time because Friday was clinical. Friday morning at 5:30am it was time to get up and leave for clinical to be there by 6:50am. Clinical was really great and went by fast because I had an interesting patient. After clinical at 3:30pm, it was time to go home. After arriving at home, it was NAP TIME.

It had been a much crazier week than I had ever had but I made it through. I didn’t cry or freak out at all. I think this is because so many had warned that this time would come so I was mentally prepared for a rough week and because the JHUSON faculty also understood how stressed we were and tried to help us out and give encouragement. The week ended up flying by and now it’s back to only studying for 1 test next week.

I am not complaining about our crazy week because I knew it would eventually come around, but I am actually very impressed with myself and my classmates for all making it through and going on. Now, we have two weeks of class before our Thanksgiving break and then finals! I am pretty sure finals week will be ten times worse than our hell week, but I know that I got through hell week so I am more confident about getting through finals.

Positive thinking and mental preparation is definitely the key to getting through nursing school.

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