Get a Hopkins Nursing Education, Wherever You Are

Get a Hopkins Nursing Education, Wherever You Are

With six new online programs, the high-quality nursing education you expect from Hopkins is now available wherever you are located.

Just look at David Boley, MS, RN.  He’s been a dot-com businessman, EMT, personal trainer, nurse, and research fellow.  But it is his role as nurse educator—and his experience in the online Nurse Educator Certificate Option program—that is connecting his careers and inspiring the future of nursing.

“I’m used to coaching, but through the program, I have learned the theory behind the concept of teaching,” says Boley, who completed the program earlier this year. “Just knowing that I’ve spent time learning how to design a course that recognizes different learning styles is exciting. I am ready for the challenge.”

Online Programs:

•      Applied Health Informatics
•      Clinical Nurse Specialist
•      Clinical Nurse Specialist (Forensic Focus)
•      Health Systems Management
•      Forensic Nursing Certificate
•      Nurse Educator Certificate

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