And the countdown is back on…

About 3 weeks to go until I’m home with my family, my puppies, and Josh!

Despite the uphill trek this program is, it’s going by fast. Granted, it didn’t feel that way in October, but now that the halfway point is in site, it’s starting to go by a little quicker.

More and more lately in clinical I have found myself putting pieces of the last 6 months together.  I can go into a patient’s history and chart and understand what is going on and what their plan of care should be.  If I don’t understand it, I know the information pieces I need to research to get a clearer picture: medication side effects, electrolyte imbalances, lab values, etc. I really hope pediatrics and OB doesn’t throw me for a loop next semester, because I’m finally starting to feel a little confident!

I am not giving medications this week, but last week I got to give my first injections, as well as my first suppository! Too real for you guys? Ok, I won’t go into the gory details on the suppository, but the injections felt pretty exciting. It was insulin, too, so I felt pretty nervous.  Those insulin syringes are tiny, and the bubbles can be difficult to get out.  I’ve been told practice makes perfect, and I certainly hope that’s true in my case!

Only one more IPOC (individual plan of care paper) before I head off to Silver Springs for a family friend’s turkey day.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving week!

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