Alumni Weekend Report

Alumni Weekend Report

Paula Kent, Chairman

The Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni and the Church Home & Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Associations celebrated the big event of the year—The Nurses’ Alumni Weekend 2010! What a fun weekend—a great opportunity for networking, connecting with other alums, hearing about the work of our committees and what’s happening at the School of Nursing.

Thanks to the efforts of the Alumni Weekend Committee, various events were enjoyed by 162 alumni (from both Johns Hopkins and Church Home) and 18 student volunteers. Linda Tarr-Whelan’s presentation, “Nursing Leadership for a Healthy Future,” was inspirational and four of our outstanding alumnae were honored with Johns Hopkins University Awards.

This Committee has continued to focus on the Alumni Weekend activities with ongoing efforts to increase interest and to contain costs.

Along with changing the name from Homecoming to Alumni Weekend, we decided to hold a virtual business meeting which involved handing the reports to attendees and posting them on the web.

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