Weekend Visitors

Hooray my family was here this weekend!

My parents and our best family friends were in town for my three-day weekend and I couldn’t have been happier to see them!

I finally got to explore Fort McHenry, where the Star Spangled Banner was written, and the Battle of Baltimore was fought.  This is one of Baltimore’s many historic sites, and it’s a fun one to explore.

We had beautiful weather all weekend, and the best part was getting some really good meals and a “few” groceries paid for; I am certainly a lucky girl.

Unfortunately, I had a final today (Tuesday) so I really only got to spend a day and 1/2 with them before I had to hole-away and study.  When I came back from my study group, however, Mom was knitting on the couch and Dad was dinking around on the computer. It felt like I was home, save for the yapping and couch crowding from our dogs, and my giant little brother, Sam.

I can hardly believe my 7 weeks of psych is over! It has been a pretty awesome experience.  Working on the inpatient unit has given me some interesting perspective on what it takes to be a psych nurse.  I don’t know if I could handle it for more than a year or so- it takes a LOT of patience to do that job.  I really loved the incredible sense of patient centered care there, though. It feels like it’s given more consideration in psych.

Next 7 weeks is Adult Health I. I’ll be working the swing shift (3:30pm -11:30pm) at Bayview Hospital, which is a few minutes away from Hopkins.  I’m looking forward to sleeping in, and finally getting some medication administration practice in!

Hope everyone has a good week!

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