SON team in Leon Haiti last week

SON team in Leon Haiti last week

Our JHUSON contingent of nurses returned home from Haiti late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

I was joined by five graduate NP students: Vanessa Bruce, Anthony Pho, Amber Richert, Amanda Singh, and Tresie Yost.

We were part of a multidisciplinary team that delivered primary health care to hundreds of Haitians last week in the rural mountain village of Leon in the southwest.

The students were a valuable addition to the team, which included American and Haitian physicians, nurses, and support staff.

The students’ flexibility was a great asset to our work, as they moved from triaging to wound care to assisting with procedures, pharmacy, and providing NP consultations.

Unfortunately, the satellite internet connection that we expected in the village was not functional, so we had little communication throughout the week.

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