Finding my niche

Finding my niche

Trying to find my way,
a place where I belong
in the Hopkins world

Finding the balance of studying, extracurricular participation, and having a social life is just one of the many challenges I’ve had to adapt to as a nursing student. Opportunity abounds at Hopkins, and that’s one of the greatest things about being a student here. I’m almost overwhelmed by the number of student clubs and interest groups, and I want so much to be part of all of them. I was talking to a friend before school started, and we both decided that we wanted to take full advantage of our time here in order to integrate ourselves personally and professionally into the Hopkins community. I’ve had a hard time finding my niche because I’m so eager to be part of everything. Volunteering over spring break in New Orleans? Would love to! National Student Nurse Association meetings? Tell me when and where! Global Health Interest group? Where do I sign up?!

I am worried, however, that I’ll stretch myself too thin and forget to make time for myself. And for studying. Oh yes, studying. I have to constantly remind myself that as important as it is for my personal and professional development to join these organizations and clubs, I need to ensure that I’m learning what I need to in order to be a competent professional. Skills and knowledge come first, of course, but I’m drawn to the activities like a moth to a flame.

Socially, it’s also been a challenge to find where I belong. It can be hard to keep up with the ever evolving social circle and to maintain the friendships that we created during orientation. One day, you’re talking with a good friend, and then all of the sudden, weeks have flown by without a word spoken by either of you. It’s difficult, because these friends are your support system for the time that you’re in Charm City, and not having that social outlet to express your frustration can lead to feelings of isolation.

All in all, however, I can’t complain. Despite the frustrations and occasional feelings of loneliness, I still feel so lucky that I’m a student at a world class institution like Hopkins. It might take me a little while longer to figure out where I fit, but in the mean time, I’ll enjoy the ride.

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