Community Adventures

Community Adventures

So to update you, I’m actually no longer in Uganda, but in Guyana right now. I came home on Wednesday, only to turn around and leave on Sunday for the Continuing Promise Navy humanitarian mission that was coordinated through the Hopkins Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response (CEPAR).

We haven’t gotten to the USS Iwo Jima yet, we’re still on the mainland, so I figured that we’d go back in time and I could show what kind of community visits we were able to do while I was in Uganda.

My housemate and classmate, Leah, is working on a water and sanitation project for her Capstone, and we were able to tour some of the slums and this is what she’s up against:

I also got to go with Leah and another housemate to Reach Out Mbuya home visits, where community health workers would do visits to clients with HIV and count pills to establish medication adherence, talk over any pressing issues, and do some education. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures, but I can tell you that these women (we didn’t visit any men) were doing amazing things in controlling their disease.

I was so sad to leave Uganda, but my project is still coming together, so I still have some of a connection.

I look forward to what Guyana has in store for me!

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