Busy Bee

Busy Bee

Soooooo I thought this semester was going to be easier because we’d have more time.  That sentiment is not entirely wrong.  I have eons more time it feels to study for tests- there are weeks between tests rather than days.  But I’ve found myself busier than ever the last few weeks.

I was “elected” class VP (I was the only one that ran, but hey, someone’s got to do it!) and I am so excited to be on council.  I am working with a a great group of people and I’m looking forward to hosting some pretty fun events for my class.  We’ve got ideas for Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and maybe a Summer Kick-Off already! It’ll be nice to plan events for our hard working to-be-nurses, because if there’s anyone that deserves a party, it’s us!

I am in the Community Outreach Program, which I am really enjoying.  It’s giving me a better understanding of Baltimore as a city and as a community.  We have had some amazing speakers, and we even went on a bus tour of some of the neighborhoods and got insight into why the community may not trust Hopkins entirely, but they trust people from Hopkins.  However it is taking up time, from the extra bus tour to taking a day or two to visit my assigned neighborhood with a group and explore.

And all of a sudden I’m home and realize I have 15 things to do, including trying to find time to train for the Team Baltimore Marathon race with some of my fabulous girlfriends here.

It’s been busy, but a happy busy.

In future news my parents and their best friends are coming into town next weekend and I’m really excited to see some familiar faces from home! Plus it’s always nice to have a dinner or two paid for :).

Have a great week!

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