Week One Down, 39 More To Go

Alright, that’s it.  I’ll just say it: I’ve never blogged before.  I mean, I’ve read blogs and I know what they are (I don’t live under a rock, although I still don’t have cable television), but I’ve never had the courage to actually write one myself.  Until I came to Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (which will now be referred to as JHUSON in this blog) I just never thought about it.  And then during orientation we filled out cards that asked us if we’d be interested and I remembered reading other people’s blogs before I came here.  Reading those blogs gave me some perspective on life at JHUSON and already I felt like I wanted to give back to perspective students out there (and for my friends and family who I may not keep in touch with this year due to my workload, but want to let them know I’m still alive).   Alright, enough explaining…let’s get to it!

Last week was our first full week.  In college the first week or two is usually just reading the syllabus, going over the expectations in class and then going back to your room to get ready and go out (not that I was that cool and did that, but I heard about it 😉 ).  At JHUSON, we had reading given to us during orientation to do before we even stepped into a classroom!  However, because I am so excited to be on this path to becoming a nurse and so thrilled to be studying at JHUSON, I didn’t mind at all.  I’m finally learning about everything I’ve ever wanted to know from watching ER, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Mercy and even Law and Order (forensics nursing is actually very cool).

I hope I don’t lose this one

We learned how to take vital signs last week (blood pressure, respiration, pulse and temperature) and I finally got to use my bright orange stethoscope that has been sitting on my desk all summer (shout out to my awesome uncle!).  The first week went by so fast … every night I returned home from the subway exhausted, yet still looked forward to my reading and preparing for the next day.  AND…with that in mind, I am going to sign off here to prepare for tomorrow.

I hope to share my experiences over the next two years here with you all. If you have any specific questions or stories you want to hear, just let me know.

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