Picture Update

Picture Update

Here are the pictures that I’ve been delinquent on posting. I’ve been in Kampala, Uganda, for a week, and working on a mega-post to detail everything I’ve done in the last week. Hope you enjoy!

Florence Nightengale Museum:

Here’s the stethoscope headset that I discussed during the last post:

Her owl Athena:

This is the pub named after the infamous public health bigwig, John Snow. It is located on the same corner as the Broad Street pump that caused the cholera outbreak in London in the 1800s.

After some time in London, I went to Switzerland to see a friend’s wedding (who did the MPH with me this last year) and I got to go trekking in the Alps:

That’s it for now, I should have the mega-Uganda post uploaded later on today. 🙂

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