First day of clinicals; now with real, live patients!

First day of clinicals; now with real, live patients!

My first clinical
experience at Mercy
begins tomorrow

Nervous? Yup.
Excited? Yup.
Worried about accidentally tripping and yanking out a patients’ IV? Yup.
Ready to touch lives? Absolutely.

Tomorrow is the first day of my clinical rotation in the transitional care unit, and I feel like it’s my first day of kindergarten all over again. I’m experiencing all of the same feelings of anxiety and uncertainty that I had 20+ years ago, only this time, I know I won’t have recess. Fortunately, I have 7 other classmates in my group that are probably all just as nervous and just as excited to get started, which is a definite comfort. I’m looking forward to this nursing rite-of-passage as I am drawn deeper into the nursing profession.

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