Guided Care Offers A New Solution

Guided Care Offers A New Solution

Online course improves geriatric care
By Meredith Lidard

Woman with WalkerWhen closely supported by a Guided Care nurse-physician primary care team, chronically ill older adults are twice as likely to rate their healthcare as “high-quality” than those who receive usual care.

“Guided Care is a new solution to the growing challenge of caring for older adults with chronic conditions and complex health needs, and places nurses in the heart of medical homes” says Jane Shivnan, MscN, RN, Executive Director of the Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing (IJHN).

IJHN is offering online training in Guided Care Nursing, a model that gives nurses the knowledge and skills needed to assess patient needs, monitor chronic conditions, and educate and empower patients to improve health and quality of life.

Working with a Guided Care Nurse based in a primary care office, patients note significant improvement in coordination with specialists, support for self-management, and help received with setting goals, making decisions, and solving health-related problems.

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The Guided Care Course

When is it?

The six-week course starts September 6th. Another class begins November 1st.

How long is it?

  • 20 hours of core content and learning activities, including five live webinars
  • 20 hours of supplemental learning activities

Do I get a certification?

You can earn a Certificate in Guided Care Nursing by taking the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s online examination.

What will I learn?

Foundations of Guided Care Nursing

  • Interdisciplinary communication
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Decision-making

Establishing New Patients and Caregivers

  • Assessment and Interviewing
  • Care planning

Ongoing Guided Care

  • Monitoring and coaching
  • Transitional care
  • Resources and support

Conducting Guided Care

  • Integration into practice
  • Teamwork boundaries

Supplemental Topics

  • Cultural competence
  • Patient education
  • Elder abuse
  • Treating chronic diseases

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