Caring Around the World

Caring Around the World

Where is the Hopkins Nurse?  Everywhere.
By Kelly Brooks
Illustrations by Ryan Etter

Johns Hopkins nurses know that we live in a world of interdependent nations in which we must share with and learn from each other. They are comfortable in today’s electronic world; they are familiar with, and sensitive to, the cultures of other countries; and they are experienced travelers. They are eager to be global nurses, to join the world’s thinkers, decision-makers, innovators, and trail blazers to improve health for all.

“For anyone interested in healthcare, it’s important to take a global perspective,” says Dean Martha N. Hill, PhD, RN, adding that because “the things nurses deal with are universal,” nurses are particularly well-suited to tackle health issues of global concern.

Every day, Johns Hopkins nurses engage in and lead health improvement efforts around the globe. They are key to providing basic healthcare—education, immunization, health promotion, and disease prevention and management—to underserved populations in rural and urban communities. In high need, low-resource areas nurses run, staff, and advise NGOs, government programs, health systems, academic institutions, and research studies in support of relief efforts, basic care, and health improvement for those most in need.

The following map highlights many more of the Johns Hopkins nurses who are engaged in and leading efforts to create a healthier world.

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