13 new piglets for Pigs for Peace

13 new piglets for Pigs for Peace

Pigs for PeaceOur last weekend in Bukavu before taking the boat north to the DRC border city of Goma was very eventful. Our Pigs for Peace coordinator, Luwazi, invited me to his home for a meal. While at his home, he surprised me with an opportunity to see one member repay their loan of two piglets to the project and see two women each receive their new piglet. It was a joyful time … the member repaying his debt was so pleased to see the smiles and hear the singing of the recipients. One woman said “this pig will help me lift my family out of poverty.”

There was singing, dancing and hugging by all involved. Then after leaving the village, I received a call that my pig had given birth to six healthy piglets and my colleague Mitima Remy’s pig gave birth to seven healthy piglets. In two months the piglets will be old enough for Remy and I to repay our loan and give 2 each to village families, thus keeping the project growing with four new members with a pig to help them work towards their goals as a family. I was able to return to the village and see the piglets before getting on the boat to Goma.

It is so nice to be on the ground to see the work and contributions given to Pigs for Peace result in a sustainable project to reduce household poverty.

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