Summertime and the living is crazy busy

Summertime and the living is crazy busy

It’s unfortunate that every day can’t be the day U.S. News releases its yearly hospital rankings … it makes for a good blog topic. So today I bring you my newest observations on summer here at Hopkins.

  1. Summer semester is only for those of us who have at least some level of self-harm tendencies … only 2 and a half weeks left and I am running out of hours and highly caffeinated beverages.
  2. July in a large academic medical center can be a lot of fun.  Others may disagree with me, fearful for life or limb as the new interns take their places among the white coats, but I rather enjoy it.  I came to a large academic medical center to learn and so did the plethora of white coats.  As a future CNS I’m a fan of education in all shapes and forms, watching the new kids (and I mean that with all due respect … anybody who survived medical school gets bonus points in my book) grow up and take care of patients is a lot of fun, and if I get to help them survive their first night on call, it’s even a little rewarding. Another plus … the new folks come complete with new ideas and the much-needed energy to survive in the often overwhelming hospital environment.  Welcome to Hopkins!

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