Summer Living in the City

This is the first summer of life actually spent primarily in a city, and there have been many great perks to hunkering down in Baltimore for a bit. We have great food (Annabell Lee's, Woodberry Kitchen, and Big Al's, to name a few) and loads of events and happenings to be a part of. My job as a tech/CA on a Hopkins Onc-ICU has been fantastic thus far and promises to teach me all that stuff the SON instructors mentioned in passing; the 'oh, you'll pick that up once you start working' stuff is actually pretty key, and I am thankful for the head start.

The Baltimore heat, however, is new to me. I grew up on the water Northeast of Boston. This means we had chilly but tolerable winters and gorgeous 65-90 degree summers, perfect for enjoying our rock-laden beaches and hiking and biking like mad. This summer, I have either rushed to the AC of the JHH, sat inside like a hermit, or melted when I try to get some summer outdoors time in. Word to the wise: find your local swimming holes fast.

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