For SON faculty & students, work continues in Haiti

I am in Jeremie, Haiti, with a group of SON nurses working at the Haitian Health Foundation. All is going well so far, although we have had very little and spotty Internet service.

The team includes Dr. Sara Groves, Dr. Joan Kub, Instructor Joyce Vazzano, Instructor Kelly Bower; MSN students Anne Cavett, Sheyanga Beecher, and Alisa Fallow; and BSN graduates Lisa Paul, Leigh Ash, and Tasia Wagner.

We have had busy days, working in different programs in various areas of the Haitian Health Foundation, including well baby care, pre-natal care, malnutrition program, primary care services, and HIV program. Everyone is hot, working all day in high temperatures with no AC and an occasional fan. The nurses are impressed with how helpful and appreciative the staff and patients are.

Tomorrow we will concentrate our efforts on adolescent health promotion. We will travel to a remote village and work with Haitian nurses and staff on their adolescent screening and health education efforts.

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