Checking in with the Student House

Since we last checked in, it was time to move into the Student House…that was May. Now, two months later, we’re all settled in, and Dean Angell made the front page of the JHU Gazette. The furniture is here (new desk chair!), the pictures have been hung, and the students have made their way over and are utilizing their space.  There have been new things to get used to, but Student Affairs has been successful in adapting to its new environment.

As for me,  I have to fight the urge to turn right after exiting my office to go to the kitchen or get coffee; 4-year routines are hard to break.  On a positive note, due to being separate from the Pinkard Building, any inclement weather is a sure deterrent to my mid-afternoon Me Latte run.

So far, the students have acclimated to the new space as quickly as we have. First off, we have a grand new sitting area and lounge on the first floor. This serves as a waiting area for guests and a meeting spot for students and staff. The conference table has been a nice spot for impromptu meetings and chats. I feel the students have found the 2nd floor kitchen to be the best space; probably due to its 3 refrigerators, 3 microwaves, and vending machines. Every day between noon and 1pm, the tables are filled with students chatting and eating (but not at the same time). The study rooms have also been equally well used for group discussion, school work, and napping.

Soon the awaited renovation of the courtyard will begin. By the fall the courtyard will be structured so that students, staff, and faculty will be able to move between the Pinkard Building, SON House, and Student House by way of the common area behind all three buildings. Some walls will come down, fences will be moved, and new trees and benches will be added. The biggest improvement will be that visitors will be able to access our space more seamlessly through the Pinkard Building.

In the coming weeks be sure to check in on what’s new at the Student House, because we are as excited as you are to see all the additions and changes!

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