3 more weeks to go!

3 more weeks to go!

What a CRAZY last few weeks.

I mean crazy.

I did not do as well as I wanted to on my last Pathophysiology test, I am just going to put that out there plain and simple.  I studied really hard, but I just missed the boat on the concepts it seems.  My advisor, however, has been very receptive to meeting with me and helping me, and despite the FOUR OTHER TESTS we had this week, I am feeling confident about this upcoming Patho test on Friday.

You want to see what nursing school is? Here it is folks… it’s CRAZY. At least this semester is.  I keep hearing how the next semesters get so so so much easier.  I am counting on this.  I’m also counting the days until my boyfriend comes out to visit (day of my last final), I get to see my awesome family (all of whom I really really miss) , and get back to my Golden State stomping grounds.

So be warned!  The tests are hard, the air gets tense, but you are all in it together.  I love being around these wonderful, motivated, intelligent, FUNNY, down-to-earth people.  It makes me so excited to be apart of this fabulous nursing community.

Would you like to see some of them?? Here they are in action folks. Yes, these faces will be saving lives, and inserting enemas- coming soon to a hospital or clinic near you!

Two of my clinical group members- as sweet, and sassy, as any nurses should come!
Danielle auscultating breath sounds from Sim Man- hopefully he sounds alright today.
Lauryn and Taylor demonstrate how to hang an IV on an Alaris pump- Vana would be proud.
With Jeff, Rachel, and Jenn, it’s all about section 201 love.
Alli and Jess are suited up and lookin’ good for lab.

Have a great weekend folks!

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