Arrival in Bukavu, DRC

I have arrived safely in Bukavu after a very long trip over three days (D.C., Brussels, Cairo, Nairobi, Bujambura, Kigali, Cyangugu). Note to self – never book that route again. I was met at the border of DRC by my colleagues Paul from Rama Levina Health Foundation and Mitima Remy from PAIDEK microfinance. Working with the team this year are two Hopkins students – and a recent graduate of the Hopkins MPH. We moved through the active and crowded border post quickly with no problems thanks to Paul and Remy. After leaving the border post, we headed for our residence for the next 6 weeks in Bukavu. We are once again staying at the Procure to Kasanga. A great little place next to Lake Kivu with a fabulous view of the mountains and sunset over the lake. This year is a new adventure because I rented a car for the stay in Bukavu – there is nothing like driving a 4×4 in a country with few traffic laws, no stop signs or traffic lights and few paved roads. I am loving it! Tomorrow morning starts with a game of pick up basketball with the Men’s Master club – then back to scheduling and preparing logistics for our project focused on integrating health and microfinance for women survivors of rape and their family.

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