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Today is my last day of classes for the Accelerated BSN!!

I am thoroughly astonished that this day is here and that it came so quickly. I can’t believe that I now have mentees of my own!

I apologize for dropping off the face of the earth momentarily and not keeping up with my blog. I meant to follow up with the Adult Health (aka Med Surg) blog, it was pretty wrong of me to leave you hanging like that… Despite the massive book, the class was really great! We learned so much and I think this was the point where many of us began to really feel useful and more confident and knowledgeable in the clinical setting.

On Saturday, I will be going with a group of seven other students to St Croix for my public health clinical and the Wednesday after we get back is our final exam. I will keep you all posted on how things go in St Croix. We’ve been spending that past five weeks preparing and we can hardly believe that we will actually be leaving in three days. For those students doing their clinical here, they have been placed in public schools working with school nurses, or the IRC (working with refugees), and some are even doing home visits to the Amish community.

June 7th is our first day of our transitions practicum! Last night I found out I was placed at JHH in labor and delivery. I can’t wait to start! I will definitely keep you posted on how things go.

New students arrive in about two weeks.

Advice, advice????

Get sleep.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Orientation is exciting and fun, but long. The first semester is exciting and fun as well, but it is short. Everything crammed into ten weeks, I believe.

Keep in mind that for the summer, this is the ONLY semester where things will be crammed like this. Hours in class, sore bums, brains that are full. It will go fast, I promise. Before you know it, you will be enjoying your summer break- appreciating it like never before!
More advice for you…

– Go to the Hon Fest (June 12th-13th)

-Go to the Farmer’s Market- it’s awesome! (under 95 on Sundays)

-Eat the best cupcakes ever at Sweet Sin (Near Homewood campus)

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