To St Croix we go!

Day One.




(This is my alarm)

Roll out of bed at 5:03 am.

Walk to the light rail, pulling the carry on suitcase (that I had to sit on to close) behind me.

Standing in line at the security baggage check by 7:00am

“Miss! Please hold out your hands! I have to swab them”


(This is me looking confused)

Nothing dangerous or threatening on my palms.

Bag goes through the machine….

“Please don’t take my peanut butter, please don’t take my peanut butter”


(This is me, hoping they don’t take my contraband peanut butter)

“I have a bag to check over here guys!”

(This is the security guard who is going to put a wrench in our health teaching project. Boo.)

A man descends upon my bag.

“The peanut butter is in the corner…

I really can’t take it?”
(This is me playing innocent.)

“If it’s liquid, gel, or cream you cant take it.”

“Great then! It’s not liquid, gel, or creamy!”

“Does it say creamy peanut butter on the jar?”

(Security guard, trying to confound me)

“No, it says crunchy!”

(Me, confounding him!)

“Nothing that can be spread or poured is allowed.”

But it’s for the children!!!

(This is me, attempting to appeal to his compassionate side.)

The crunchy peanut butter was promptly confiscated.

In our group, three peanut butters were removed from our luggage, and one made it through along with my pear apple sauce which was apparently not targeted for terrorist activity.

We are currently in route to St Croix, and will be arriving within a few short hours.

Updates to come!! 🙂

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