10 "Must Reads" for Hopkins Nurses

The results are in! More than 300 nurses responded to last summer’s survey of Johns Hopkins Nursing readers. The answers revealed what Hopkins nurses most want to read about: 10. Doctor of Nursing Practice Program. A doctoral degree for nurses interested in translating research for patient care. (See p. 38-39) 9. Community Public Health Nursing. Hopkins nurses work in their local communities. (See p. 13, 30) 8. Research. Well, folks, this spring 2010 issue is just for you! (See p. 16-17, 24-39, 60) 7. Global and International Nursing. Look for more in the summer 2010 magazine. (See p. 18-23) 6. Church Home & Hospital. Nursing alumni from CHH joined the Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association in 2004. (See p. 59) 5. Current Events. What’s going on in the wider world of nursing. (See p. 10, 12, 15) 4. Bedside Nursing. Direct patient care is still at the heart of nursing practice. (See p. 42-51) 3. Alumni and Hospital News. What are Hopkins nurses doing in the workplace? (See p. 6, 42-51, 56-58) 2. Class News. Due to financial constraints, the Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association now posts Class News online at www.nursing.jhu.edu/alumni/classnews. 1. Everything! Most respondents said Johns Hopkins Nursing already gives them what they want. We’ll do our best to keep it up.    

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