Planning for Accepted Students Day

So…busy…almost…to…accepted…students…day. That pretty much sums up the past couple of weeks here. Thankfully we all work like a well oiled machine here in the Office of Admissions & Student Services. We just came off of a very successful Spring Open House last Saturday. With all of the snow up in the northeast (that completely missed Baltimore for once), we weren’t too sure how many guests we would get from there, but they showed up anyway! The numbers are still a little rough, but we had over 250 attendees, so thank you to everyone that attended.

Just when you thought we couldn’t have any more events here, Accepted Students Day is Friday! We are extremely excited around here to welcome what we hope will be many of our new Traditional and Accelerated classes. This also gives us the opportunity to wow them, and show off what makes Hopkins a great place. The best people to tell this story are our students and faculty, so we have a number of them lined up. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. There will be representatives from student groups and  school/university organizations, housing, bookstore, and uniform reps.

We hope that you will be able to get a great feel for the Johns Hopkins program, meet and greet with our students, faculty, and staff, and learn a little bit about the experience here. Most of all, we hope you enjoy yourself, so we’ll see you on Friday!

Oh right, there will be free lunch. Who doesn’t love that? Maybe use that as a marketing tool? “Come to the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing…we have FREE LUNCH!”

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