It’s Saturday and Port-au-Prince is full of Hopkins nurses

It’s Saturday and Port-au-Prince is full of Hopkins nurses

Yesterday, March 19, another team of Hopkins-related nurses left the U.S. for Haiti. Included in the group is Baltimore-based Sne Shah, who is an FNP and JHUSON Clinical Instructor. She is joined by Kimberly McIltrot, a Hopkins PNP, and Meghan Greeley, RN, MSN-FNP/MPH student. Also included are three of our BSN alumni– Kaitlin Haws, Kathryn Bradbury, and Emily Tuthill, who converged in Haiti from three different parts of the U.S. This team will be in Haiti for two weeks, joining the two groups that are already there.

The first group of Hopkins nurses will come home tomorrow having finished their 16-day deployment. So today, for this one day of overlap, there are a total of 19 Hopkins-related nurses together in Haiti, providing much-needed healthcare for the families and children affected by the disastrous earthquake

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