Getting Ready for the Weekend

Getting Ready for the Weekend

Well- another fantastic and crazy week!

Spring Break is just one week away and the students are more than ready. But before they can hop off to Chicago, Oregon,  SanFrancisco, St. Croix, Louisiana, or  Haiti, the Traditional 2011 (whom I am teaching Pathophysiology) have two exams: Pharm and OB or Psych. And the other Trad Sr. groups and Accels have clinicals to finish, and Transition practicums to complete.  These future nurses are  actively dedicated to the well being of the immediate Baltimore City community and the overall global-public health.  In between all the clinical rotations, course work, exams and careplans– our students are immensely active in a variety of community programs. If not helping in the coordination of our current Haiti fund raising drive (goal of  $10,000) for Haiti Relief (Including a clothing silent auction- March 23rd)  they are coordinating Type for Life activities,(bone marrow tissue typing),  Organ Donor Awareness events (April) , and most recently: Appreciation Week- for faculty and students alike!  Candy grams and notes to those you want to share your thanks. How they do it? Mystery of the Universe 🙂  Got a super email from a student who thinks that Ms. Frizzle (Magic School Bus) and I are twins separated at birth- See photo I added. That was my Candy gram- one week early!

They are simply incredible. If you are coming to Hopkins–welcome to the Land of Amazing.  You have an idea- a desire to take nursing to the next level- The Hopkins Team can help you make it happen.
Have a great weekend- I need to rest this weekend because on Monday- these students will be running whirlwinds around me-


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