2 days, 2 vans and many carb-loaded snacks later … we made it!

Recap of Day 1 (What was supposed to be posted yesterday, but was somehow sucked into the black hole of technological difficulties):

Today was our first full day in NOLA! I wasn’t sure what to expect from this trip, but everything’s off to a great start.

Some of us went to our work site this morning. This year, we’re working with a nonprofit Episcopalian organization that builds homes for former residents who want to come back, but lack the funds to rebuild. The owner of the house we’re restoring passed away, but her daughter is continuing the project.

We sanded the ceilings and mudded some walls. All the plaster coming down made it look like it was snowing inside, but the weather here is gorgeous! I haven’t been back to Cali in three years, but these clear blue skies and warm sunshine are making me feel like I’m back home.

We hope to finish most of the major things of this house during our week here. When it’s done, the house will be painted in puppy paw (that’s actually the name of the color!) with dark brown trim.

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