The Open House and Lecture Preparation

The Open House here at the SON on Saturday, February 27, was hectic and highly enjoyable. I met many new and prospective students and their families. Many of our current nursing students were outstanding program representatives on panels, “working the room” and answering questions — all were amazing. It is just such an honor to work with these incredible future nurse leaders!  Thank you to Mary O’Rourke, Dean Angell, and the ENTIRE Admissions Office. If you are a prospective student or family/parent and have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to give them a call!

Today, as I await the USA Hockey Olympic gold medal game, I am also preparing for the Diabetes lecture. Finding and hunting down outstanding informational websites is fun — so many patients will present with DM. I always come back to my favorite — The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse. The Diabetic Dog site is a good one, too.

Our JHUSON program has absolutely catapulted into innovative teaching technologies that are a smooth mix of techno-splash and just down-home amazing face-to-face methods. Drs. Pam Jeffries and Anne Belcher and the Office for Teaching Excellence are spearheading a faculty teaching revolution.  Podcasts, Adobe presenter, voice-over PowerPoint, Media-site presentations, and numerous  online strategies and study sessions are all being used  to meet the needs and skill set of the newest frontline care providers.

Here is an example of a lecture strategy that we use here at the SON. This is a technology  faculty have used to send out course announcements. Here is  the Pathophysiology Intro to students that uses Media-site technology.

Overall, a great weekend!

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