Test Your Nursing Knowledge

Completely useless (but entertaining) Hopkins trivia

1. In 1893, the quarterly publication, Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine, was founded with a subscription price of $0.50 per year. Today’s subscription price for Johns Hopkins Nursing is ______ than the 1893 price.

A. Higher
B. Lower

2. In 1899, as the hospital celebrated its 10th anniversary, staff nurses earned ___ per month.

A. $5 C. $30
B. $15 D. $90

3. Isabel Hampton Robb, the first superintendent of nursing at Hopkins, died in 1910 when she was struck by:

A. A streetcar in Cleveland, OH
B. Lightning in New York, NY
C. Tuberculosis in Baltimore, MD

4. The first turtle derby–an unconventional fundraiser in which fans cheer box turtles to the finish line–was held in 1931, with turtles that were descendents of those kept by Benjamin Frisby. Frisby worked at the hospital from 1889 to 1933 as a:

A. Doctor C. Doorman
B. Cook D. Parking attendant

5. Prior to 1941, preclinical students were known as:

A. Auditioners C. Novices
B. Apprentices D. Probationers

6. Johns Hopkins has been educating nurses since 1889. Which of the following were not Hopkins nursing education programs?

A. The Johns Hopkins Hospital Training School for Nurses
B. The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing
C. The Johns Hopkins University School of Health Services Nursing Education
D. The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
Answers:  1.  B. Lower.  Johns Hopkins Nursing is free to subscribers.  2. C. $30 per month.  M. Adelaide Nutting, superintendent of nurses, earned $100 per month.  3. A. Being struck by a streetcar in Cleveland, OH  4. C. Doorman  5. D. Probationers  6. Trick question! All four of those programs have existed during the course of Hopkins nursing education.

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