Yay! Blog is up!

Yay! Blog is up!

Hello everyone!  This is exciting, my very first entry…and I don’t know what to say.  I had a really good clinical day yesterday that I should share, but I feel I should introduce myself first.

My name is Jennilyn and this is my first semester at JHU SON (it’s been hectic yet exciting).  I’m most currently from Seattle and moved my little family (a husband and two beagles) out east.  We live in the Washington, DC (“Washington”) area – I have some fun stories about commuting.  I have a degree in Business/Marketing and Art, and had a really good career before I decided to pursue being a Nurse Practitioner – some thought I was crazy.  But, I was emotionally unhappy.  My job wasn’t fulfilling to me; it wasn’t meaningful.  I wanted to help – do more!   I’ve always been involved with the health care industry; all but my last job were in health care.  I even volunteered at a children’s hospital.  So, I knew becoming a Nurse Practitioner was the path for me.  So, here I am – my first semester in the RN portion at Johns Hopkins.

Before I leave you, I just wanted to relay a brief story from my clinical yesterday (hopefully a more detailed entry to follow).   I was observing/helping with a stress test at the hospital of little old women – very adorable and very talkative.  She was from out of state and happened to mention she didn’t have a doctor (I’m guessing a primary care doctor).  She told us she wrote Michelle Obama a letter asking her where she could find a doctor – Michelle Obama wrote her back telling her to go to Johns Hopkins. 🙂

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