Sad News from the Congo – October 16

The day before yesterday, I received an email from my colleague and President of the Great Lakes Restoration Foundation, – Dr. Matthias Cinyabuguma.  Dr. Matthias had emailed to tell me my friend, brother and colleague, Dr. Eric Mpanano Ntwali had been attacked by unidentified soldiers and shot in the head at the hospital in Kabera, South Kivu, DRC.  Dr. Eric is completing his residency and working in rural hospitals providing care to the very poor who have such limited access to care. Thankfully, Dr. Eric survived the attack and is home in Bukavu, DRC with family recovering. His colleague, Dr. Pascal was shot in the chest and is in serious condition in the General Hospital in Bukavu. Dr. Eric and his family work tirelessly to improve the health and economic resources of the Congolese people – they sacrifice daily to help others in their community.  They are my family as well. They care for me, collaborate with me, educate me, understand me, and are always there for me.

As Dr. Eric and his family are always working to improve their country, DRC.  I am focused on taking this opportunity to advocate for greater support for peace and to support Dr. Eric and his plan to get back to the work of being a doctor and caring for his community. The soldiers stole his laptop computer, his medical equipment, including his stethoscope, resource books, etc.  I encourage individuals who are able to go to www, and make a donation to Dr. Eric as well as Dr. Pascal. The donation will be used for purchasing needed equipment to help Dr. Eric and Dr. Pascal get back to work – for their own healing and for the healing of their community and country.

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