Fan or Follower?

Fan or Follower?

By Kelly Brooks-Staub

Fan, friend, groupie, follower. Whatever you call your online buddies, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer a fun and easy way to reach out and connect. The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing has launched its first social network media venues, and invites you to join these online communities.

Facebook: Become a Fan
Visit and search for “Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.” Become a fan of the page to receive news feeds from the School’s website, highlights of articles from the John Hopkins Nursing magazine, and info on special events throughout the year.

Search instead for “Johns Hopkins Nursing magazine” to comment on the latest magazine, make suggestions for future issues, and receive updates on the publication.

Follow Our Tweets
In another new social media venue, the School is sharing brief (up to 140 characters) online text-based messages with those who sign up as “followers.” Hopkins Nursing “Tweets” can be received by visiting and clicking on the Twitter icon. Or go to and search for “JHUNursing.”

With an estimated community of more than 200 million people on Facebook and 4-6 million active Twitter users, these new online tools offer a global forum to connect with friends and colleagues, prospective and current students, and alumni of the School.

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