a little over half way through the semester!

I want you to know that I did the coolest thing on Wednesday…

Are you ready? …

I turned the page of my notebook… and voilaa! JULY!

You know what this means- right?

We are officially, as of yesterday, half way through the first semester!  I can’t believe how time has flied- I mean, I heard it would, but man, they were NOT kidding! Midterms are done- phew! And we are embarking on our much deserved three day weekend! And that June calendar? I saved it for times when I need a little “boost of encouragement.” I can refer to June, complete with crossed out first exams, midterms, papers, quizzes, a sign off, patient care plans, and other such nursing school type projects, and literally feel a wave of accomplishment wash over me. It’s pretty awesome. When I saw a few people looking exhausted on Wednesday, I busted out “June.” You should have seen their faces- it was like performing a good card trick! Okay, okay, the joy was fleeting, maybe only 4 seconds… but it was great nonetheless!

In other related events: I really enjoyed the fifth week. After a series of poor quality sleeps last week, surprisingly not due to school work- I made it a point to increase the REM. You need it for classes. I’m a fan of sleep and my brain works much better when I have it, so I had a much better week.

Labs have been getting increasingly more interesting- from trach suctioning, to catheters, and preparing meds- it made for some really great labs. My personal favorite: Syringes! No worries- we’re not actually administering anything yet- we’re just reconstituting our “Practi-med” (that looks suspiciously like yellow cupcake sprinkles), and drawing up the proper amount. Fun, fun! 🙂

Oh yes, and how could I forget clinical!? Loved it! I had another awesome nurse this week who was really eager to teach me. He let me practice some of the assessments that we’ve been learning in class. I love how we get to apply what we are learning to real life. It makes three hour lectures much more bearable to know we might actually be practicing the skill in the hospital two days later!

Okay, I’m off to enjoy the weekend!

Happy Fourth of July to you!

Until next week,


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