there’s no place like homeostasis. quack!

Did you ever have one of those teachers who did crazy things to catch your attention, like play The Jackson Five’s “ABC” upon your entering her classroom, or who held up a toy duck when she had something really important for you to remember?

Yah, neither did I… until Johns Hopkins that is! A very wise woman once said to me, “Rachel, I don’t know what is up with the duck. But I do know that I like it!”

I like the duck too.

That was my prologue to inform you that we have officially finished our first exam of nursing school, and by my best estimations, we are something like 1/50ths done!  (*disclaimer* I am not a real statistician, so I reserve the right to come up with some pretty wild numbers. On days when I really want you to feel sorry for me… or impressed-  1/50ths, might change to 1/346. We’ll see how it goes).

But just so you know, the duck was not for naught! I think he was helpful for everyone and hope he will waddle on to pharmacology when we have to remember all those drugs!

We have completed three weeks, and classes are going really well.  As long as you can get into the pace (sprinting- can you pace yourself at a sprint?) and de-stress with whatever happens to de-stress you, then I think you’ll be fine. For me that happens to be my support system, which consists of my faith and connecting with people I love, daily. Also exercise, laughing a lot, and cooking yummy food when I get home from school. If I can give you literally one word of advice for the program thus far, ( I know, I know, I’m only three weeks in and there are probably way better and more experienced sources of advice for you at this point- but) from one new accelerated student to a perspective student- the word is balance. Remember it. It’s your best bet to stay sane and your best bet to enjoy school. I am loving my experience here so far, and I have every intention of loving the 12 months and 3 weeks I have left!

But alas, sleep is also apart of my de-stressing balancing act, so will close for now!

enjoy the weekend!

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