first week-ish.

This could be a dangerous blog. I’m just giving you fair warning. Probably, the smartest thing to do, is to not write a blog on my first week of nursing school, but sometimes I think we all make choices that may not be “smartest thing”, and then we live with them and the consequences they bring.
Consequence of blogging right now? Procrastinating on going over Principals and Applications notes —>Staying up a bit later tonight —> coffee tomorrow —> $1.75 poorer.

So it’s settled. Small blog it is!
Here’s a little picture I want to share with you:

Is it there? Hmm… There’s a little dot. I don’t think that’s it. Well basically, it was a picture of my planner, being filled to the max, I’m talking to the edges of the pages-max. If you can’t see it here, sorry. I’ll get on that. Eventually.
I was going to show you a picture of my first semester books. But that picture looks very expensive. And you don’t want to see that! (Not yet, that is.) This is a picture of my planner (if you can see it). If you don’t know me, then you don’t know that I LOVE planners…I really do. I mostly love them because I take great satisfaction in crossing out my little accomplishments. And in the past week, there have been many! Based on crossing out tasks, my satisfaction level is through the roof!!
And for all the inquiring minds, here are some interesting little facts about the first week of nursing school:

  • You get to role-play being a ‘real’ nurse by day two. Sort of awkward. Therapeutic communication is a learned skill!
  • By day two or three (depending on your section), you get to measure blood pressure and then learn how the way you’ve seen it done, is most likely wrong! (Not as easy as it looks people!)
  • You will learn the correct way to put on your stethoscope, and listen to your pulse through different areas on your body. Then, if you’re anything like me, you’ll question if you’re even alive, since you can’t hear ANYTHING!
  • …but then, you’ll get to squeeze on a little dab of gel, and hear your heart beating like  horse through the doppler. Yes my friends, I am alive and well!
  • Our Lab instructors are AWESOME!
  • In your first day of issues in aging, if you didn’t already know this, you’ll learn that the elderly are also AWESOME!  I just reread that sentence, and for instant clarification, our teachers are not elderly! And for clarification again; However if they were elderly, they would still get to be awesome.
  • The amount you will read in your textbooks, will literally dry up your hot pink highlighter before the week is over.

There are two more days to go, a brand spankin’ new bright yellow highlighter, and much reading to attend to!

~ Have a great week!

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