The SON’s Expanding…Sort of

If you haven’t seen the boxes and carts up on the third and fifth floors packing offices up, you would have no idea that they are moving into a brand new building! small house, right behind the SON on McElderry Street. Sure, it isn’t a fancy new state-of-the-art LEED platinum certified green building, but hey, new digs is new digs! Oh, and there is a garden, gardens are green.

Over the last few weeks the SON has been renovating old H-P and have turned it into offices for Marketing and Communications, Development and Alumni Relations, the Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing, and the Office of Global Nursing. All of which used to be on the 5th floor. In their place the Center for Nursing Research and Special Projects will be moving from its space on the 3rd floor and occupying that part of the 5th floor. What about the old CNR you say? Well, soon that will become a new 90 seat tiered classroom! How about that expansion? Work is supposed to start there by the end of the month, and the classroom will be ready by the Fall.

That’s the low down on what’s been happening at the JHUSON this spring. Not a lot changing, but enough to keep you all on your toes.

Until Next time.


May 21st – School of Nursing Diploma and Award Ceremony – out with the old…

May 27,28,29 – Accelerated New Student Orientation – …in with the new

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