You Know You’re a Guy in Nursing School When…

By David Twillmann
10. A conversation about shaving involves more than one’s face.
9. You find you have something to contribute to a discussion about mom’s menopause.
8. Professors are able to notice your absence from a lecture.
7. You’re sitting in the school cafe and realize your lunch is twice as big as everyone else’s.
6. You have to either go up or down a flight of stairs to use a school bathroom.
5. You ask your friends about the football game and the answer involves the supermodel reality show, Project Runway.
4. You’re the only one on the unit receiving daily requests from elderly ladies for a sponge bath.
3. You see as many men in a day as there are groups in the food pyramid.
2. You’re unable to tell your OB patients “I understand”…because really, you don’t.
1. Breast/testicular exam day is the most awkward experience of your life!


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