From China, A Note of Thanks

Through a joint program between the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and Peking Union Medical College, six students traveled from China to Baltimore for a semester of doctoral education. Following is an expression of their thanks, sent to Dean Martha N. Hill at the close of the fall semester.

Dear Dean Hill,

We would like to express our deep gratitude to you for your kindness and generosity. Yesterday was a wonderful day! We finished our presentation with the help from our advisors, all the teachers and students of the School of Nursing, and then, we had a great dinner in your home! We are so touched by your warmth and the fine gifts. We also had great talks with all the guests. All of you are so nice to us. We are very, very moved and excited.

We will remember the time we spent in the School of Nursing at Johns Hopkins University forever and ever! Although it has been only short five months, it is the most precious and meaningful journey in our lives. We met so many wonderful people and made many new friends.

We all think we are very, very lucky to have the great opportunity to learn at Johns Hopkins. It fully deserves the rank of most famous university in the world. It has great faculty and students, great information system, and a great philosophy and spirit.

We have been learning how to do international research; what are the differences in nursing practice, research, and education between the U.S. and China; how to take advantage of web resources; even how to communicate with patients and how to do a presentation. In a word, we have broadened our outlook, expanded our thoughts. We got many great ideas about how to improve our work in nursing in the future.

We can’t find the exact words to express our gratitude and appreciation. We will keep in touch with all of you and remember you forever.

Warmest regards,
PUMC students,
Wang Yanhong, Peng Wentao, Lu Yan, Chi Juntao, Guo Aimin, Wang Yan

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