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Reported by Betty Borenstein Scher ’50. Ellen Plass Kolodny had her daughter respond to our request for her nursing history and current activities. After graduating from Hopkins, she stayed on for a year in the operating room, where she met and later married Dr. Anatole Kolodny, a neurosurgeon. She came back to nursing after her husband’s premature death, working as a senior health advisor at the International House, which housed foreign students in New York City. “The next segment of her life was leaving NYC and coming to Rhinebeck, NY, where she had a summer house, to live with (her daughter). Mother was with me until last year when she suffered a stroke. At that time, now 102 years old, she entered a local nursing home.” Her daughter sees her frequently and reports that she is now physically sound and enjoys her Nursing magazine. Her daughter also reports that her mother frequently reminds her when discussing a medical issue that she is a nurse… “about that she is dogmatic.” She will be 104 years old in March 2009 and thinks she may be the last of her class still alive. We think she probably is right.

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Reported by Betty Borenstein Scher ’50. Thelma Replogle Isakson typed her response to our request. Here it is practically verbatim: “We celebrated my 100th birthday on 1/26/08. My vision is poor due to Macular Degeneration. I walk with a walker due to arthritis. Otherwise, I enjoy reasonably good health. I live with my daughter in Sheridan, Wyoming. When my daughters were small, I did private duty at night. I worked in the Obstetrical Department at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington, Connecticut for 20 years, mostly in the Newborn Nursery. I moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming after my husband’s death in 1962. I worked at DePaul Hospital in Cheyenne for several years in the Medical Department and became in-service instructor until I retired in 1973. I moved to Dayton, Wyoming where my daughter had an antique shop. I repaired and dressed antique dolls. I knitted and crocheted items which I sold in the antique shop. After 30 years the shop closed, and we moved to Sheridan, Wyoming where I am now living. I remember lots of funny incidents while in nurses training but they are too long to tell! I treasure my days at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and have always been proud to say I had my nurse’s training there.” (Thelma: if you can, just send us one good story that you really loved! We would love to hear it.)


Reported by Betty Borenstein Scher ’50. Louise Jefferys Morse writes that after graduation she was a head nurse in Phipps for a year, then a head nurse in Osler for two years. She then worked in Hawaii for about a year and a half, returned to the states, got married to a professor of mathematics, moved to Princeton, NJ and raised a family of five children. She is now 97 years old and admits to being “a bit slower these days.” She lives with a daughter and keeps very busy as a volunteer. She is an advisor in the Committee of the NAACP League Defense and Education Fund; she helps once a week at a Country Day School Library, especially as a fund raiser; once a month she writes six letters for Amnesty International for prisoners of conscience. She has 17 grandchildren “around the world-Boston, Maine, California, Lagos (Africa), Papua (New Guinea, etc.)” She also is kept busy with letters or telephone calls to one or more of her 16 great grandchildren. She also would love a visit to talk about the old days at Hopkins. (I will work on it, but maybe someone else in Princeton could get there sooner than I will.)


Reported by Betty Scher ’50. Katherine H. Sharp lives in a retirement community in Baltimore in Roland Park. Although I have not gotten together with her yet at her residence, I have spoken with her over the phone. As soon as the ice and snow are resolved here, we will get together and she will tell me her wonderful stories of the school of nursing during her years there. And, from spies (relatives of mine who live at the same place) I know she may have extra years on them and me, she is very active and really “with it.” So-next issue you will get more news of Katherine.

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Class Reporter–Laura Brautigam June, P.O. Box 655, 7215 Cascade Road, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, (760) 366-8181, [email protected]. Sorry to report Winnie Wyncoop Carter’s death just before Christmas. Addresses are needed for Virginia Randall Chapin, Betty Jones and Dottie Meadows Scribner. I had phone calls from Jean Douglas McNab, Georgia Rauch Athens, Mona Staska Riley and Winnie’s widower. Georgia and husband went to Boise, ID for Christmas and checked on their second home in Fairview, UT. Letty Grigsby Baxter has moved to Walnut Creek, CA and still plays duplicate bridge daily. Dottie McGuire Bailey was expecting a great grandchild in January and sent clever missives which I shall use for my email friends. Mary Boley Camp mentioned seeing the TV show “Something the Lord Made” about Dr. Blalock and Vivien Thomas (Thomas wrote the book “Partners of the Heart.”). Mary took care of one of the “blue babies” post operatively. Drs. Taussig, Longmire and Cooley were portrayed in the movie and most in our class remember them all. Louise Lofgren Dunn wrote that she has three grandchildren in college and six in high school. She spent Christmas in Little Rock with her son and his family. Emogene Fisher Martin had a knee replacement and still is busy with church work. June Cutts McLean sent a map of the cruise she and her husband made around the Black Sea. They visited a niece and nephew in Bulgaria who are with the American Embassy there. They also drove to British Columbia-the most traveled of our class I am sure. Mona Staska Riley is still in her antique club and plays rummy with her church group. Astrid Johnsen Reiley sent lovely pictures of her new apartment and of her family. She’s healthy again and belongs to a book discussion group and the JHU alumni association in New York. Your correspondent and her husband still volunteer at the Palm Springs Air Museum and have for 12 years. She’s the chauffeur for the 42 mile one-way trip. Her husband was honored by Montana’s Senator Baucus with a tribute on his life and career in the April 23rd Congressional Record.

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Class Reporter–Betty Borenstein Scher, 1190 W. Northern Parkway #225, Baltimore, MD 21210 (443) 449-5934, [email protected]. Thanks for the holiday cards and annual letters because we have some news to report. Here goes! From Janey Shutts Pinkerton comes the good news that all her follow-up tests are good, and she is left with only an old problem with a gall stone. Jo McDavid Hubbard had no problems to “follow up,” and she reports that she looked forward to many holiday good times with children and grandchildren. Ella Ruth Stilz Whitmore still does well in the Catonsville Retirement community, along with husband Marv. She and I are looking for the next day here in 2009 for another lunch, which we have too rarely with Anna Clair Junkin, who is doing well herself, but whose son faces some surgery soon. Mackie McCown Kolb hurt herself in a fall, but she now is in rehab with lots of help from James and her daughter Talia, who comes down from Wisconsin to keep things going for both her parents. With all their own problems, James still took the energy and time to check if the father and daughter named Scherr killed in the Mumbai, India terrorism bombing were any relative. Happily (for me) I could report they were no relation! I also received a nice Christmas card from them too. Let’s see, Mackie: F.M.C. = “Francine Madeline Charlotte”? A family photo accompanied the holiday card from Doris Benjamin Carroll and Dick, who at age 87 continues to “tune pianos.” From Lolita Beidelman I received a holiday greeting via the phone, so of course we did a lot more talking than just saying Happy Holidays. Ginger Groseclose David and Don keep in touch and wish me well while they enjoy lots of family fun with children and grandchildren. From Cora Jane Lawrence came her usual good wishes for the holiday and her activities for the year. Her travels are “up and down the coast.” In addition, she will give the history of nursing to the women’s group at her church (remember, Cora‘s doctorate is in History of Nursing). Over the year she has attended various family functions; she finished the year hostessing University of Washington School of Nursing’s “Old Guard” luncheon, welcoming a new dean and noting 90 years of history. Good for her! Another holiday greeting and long activity message from Marion Bee up around Buffalo, where they really know what cold means. Along with being close to her sister, nieces, nephews, and their offspring, she lives in what sounds like a fabulous house-“all living on one level, located on four acres, in that space between Schenectady and country. With the house…also got a beautiful garden (with) actually thousands…of daffodil blossoms, lots of trees and much more.” She has Game Night once a week for anyone who wants to come for Scrabble, Canasta, Monopoly, crossword puzzles, etc. Thanks, Marion, for all the information-and may you keep enjoying everything in the future as much as you do now! I also received a call from Kay Connolly of our Big Sister class of 1949. Kay has moved into a retirement home, which she says is really GOOD. She now is closer to Mildred “Bunny” Barnard and thought she would like to get in touch with her. So far, no follow up on that. However, it was great talking with her, and I look forward to seeing her and many of her classmates next Homecoming because it is their 60th. Wow! Also got messages and greetings from the “husband-members” of our classmates. Ernie Del Signore hopes to get down in 2010-I hope he means for our 60th although we will like a visit any time. From Charlie Royer comes his usual holiday letter with the year’s activities. He has enjoyed lots of family and friend reunions; his leg has improved a great deal from twice a week physical therapy; daughter Karen still lives near him. Yes, he feels “age,” but–Charlie–all of us have slowed down and none of us enjoys the memory we had in our “youth.” Finally, from Bob Hunter comes the great news that he has found new happiness (after his loss of Sallie Mitchell Hunter) with a lovely lady to whom he was introduced by his daughter. The Christmas letter gave his news and on the back was a series of photos from the year. As for me, Betty Borenstein Scher, things remain pretty much the same–mild exercise and walking, volunteer work, “chauffeur” my sister-in-law around once a week, attend a Lecture Series once a week, go to D. C. almost every weekend to spend time with Bob and his family, see daughter Susan as she remains in Baltimore, read a lot and still enjoy my acrostic puzzles. Recently, I spent some time in NC where son David lives with his wife and 7-month-old son. He became a first-time father at age 50!! You can imagine his joy!!! So long for now…keep in touch…and, if you haven’t paid your Alumni dues, please DO.


MJ Beck Reynolds writes that 2008 was the first year in the last five that she was not hospitalized. Dick tapered his work to a half-day, three times a week to serve as senior adviser to a fledgling Institute for Quality Aging that will evolve at Florida Atlantic University. He’s been a wonderful caregiver, and she enjoys having him home. As MJ is unable to travel to England, daughter Stephanie has been given permission by her convent to spend her holidays in the U.S.


Class Reporter–Margaret Barber Trevor, 29504 Hawkes Hill Rd., Easton, MD 21061-8646, (410) 822-0479, [email protected]. Kathy Redding Anderson says she and Art play bridge at least once a week and continue to do flight physicals in their home office. They keep busy with the family and still travel some. Laura Lyman Brecher‘s musical son Ben moved to Santa Barbara, CA, and is now co-heading the voice area in the Music Department of UCSB. Ben now has two daughters, making five grands, three of whom remain within close range. Helen Burdick Sloat is still working full time as Supervisor of Nurses at the Lawrence County, PA Community Mental Health Center. In spite of long hours, she really likes it, though she never thought she would be a psych nurse at the end of her nursing career. She and John had an extended family gathering of 18 out 20 to celebrate the first birthday of their first great grandson, whose mother is one of the twins who also became nurses. The other twin is expecting in May. Carol Straub Guilbert says she and Dick are coping quite well. They went to the Panama Canal in the spring and to Alaska in the fall, both enjoyed greatly. Because of stress and high blood pressure, she may retire.


Jean Barton Champness continues to play the organ for church and piano for the choir, and teaches piano and violin to about 30 students. Husband Tom took a trip to Belgium to teach pastors for a week. He continues to play cello and study German, all set to retire this June. They were happy to have daughter Rhonda and family spend a year in the States, and all had Christmas with daughter Ruth.


Class Reporter–Meredith Fawcett Kooyman, 209 Harvard Rd., San Mateo, CA 94402, (650) 348-7918, [email protected]. Mark your calendars-it’s our 50th Class Reunion weekend September 25 & 26. I urge everyone to attend this wonderful celebration! Many of us have enjoyed past reunions and remember all the activities of our time at Hopkins. It’s amazing how quickly we become reunited!


Class Reporter–Mariann Wendle (Wendy) Gehlbach, 1141 Nettles Blvd., Jensen Beach, FL 34957, (772) 229-0601, [email protected]. Greetings from your class reporter in sunny Florida. For the past year, several of us have been meeting for lunch with Florence Smith Milliot, one of our Pre-Clin instructors. I reconnected with her at our 45th reunion when we discovered that we lived close to each other. She has now moved to Deland, FL but we have followed her to her new home! Rose Ann Rufener Taylor, Barbara Sheppard Feigenbaum, Judy Rothman Pochop and I have certainly enjoyed our lunches. Lois Whipp Boor is joining us. If there are some other snowbirds or year rounders who would like to join us, send me a message. The following is gleaned from Christmas cards: Bill and Lois Ann Boor didn’t travel as much this year (no problems, just a new puppy at their house). They are wintering in Venice, FL. MaryAnn Quink Slowick retired this year but finds herself back working 1-2 nights/week since they fired her replacement! She sent a picture of her eight beautiful grand kids. I also got a picture of Cathy Peters Jones‘ six grandchildren at their annual beach week. Travel was certainly on their agenda. Bob received an honorary degree from the Medical University of Lodz, Poland, and then onto India. Sixteen years ago, she began a ministry for seniors at her church and now she is one. Donna Stonesifer Hargett has gone from having one post-retirement job to two. In addition to working as a Magnet Appraiser for the American Nurses Credentialing Center, she is now working 1-2 days in a new pediatric cardiology clinic in Frederick, MD. She is still our class’ Dancing with the Stars candidate! She reports that son Gordon and daughter Kim and families are doing well. She is grandmother to six girls ranging from 12 years to 6 months.
Charlotte Kunkel Taylor sends greetings from St. Louis; Julia Gooden Bolten from MA; Lois Messler Gustafson from TN. Although Art and I were lucky enough to travel to Europe again this fall, we weren’t lucky enough to spend time with Ginny Null Holst and Ole in Denmark. Ole had spinal and knee surgery during the year. This has limited their travel except for a trip to their partner city in Latvia. Ginny made several trips back to the states to visit family and attend her 50th high school reunion. As she wrote, she was preparing for the holidays when all of their kids and grand kids would gather together Christmas Eve for the first time. Kathy Downs Cayward continues to work for Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care reviewing nursing homes in DC. Her three daughters and their families are all doing well. She sees the two who live close by often. Her other daughter lives in OH. Like many of you, Kathy and I returned to our high schools for our 50th class reunions, which serves as a reminder that our 50th is coming faster than we think. Please plan to attend in 2011.


Class reporter–Genie Lipa Wessel, 10517 Catterskill Court, Columbia, MD 21044, (410) 740-2523, [email protected]. No more empty spaces in the Nursing Alumni magazine for the class of 1963! Emails went flying and with limited time, we generated a small response. Let’s hope more of the class responds for the next issue. If you did not get an email (some bounced back) or did but did not get a chance to respond, send your news to [email protected]. The responses were all 5th floor residents at Hampton House so take a look… Marilyn Link Winkelstein lets us know that after 27 years teaching pediatric nursing at both the University of MD and Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, she retired in 2005 from the faculty at Johns Hopkins. Marilyn‘s name should be familiar to you from seeing it on the cover of the Wong Pediatric textbook. She says it was great fun and that she loved and treasured her association with Donna Wong. Marilyn‘s husband retired at the same time. They now spend the summer months (June through Sept) in Maine. In the winter, they return to Baltimore and their two grandchildren, Lily and Jonah. Marilyn, never one to be idle, is a tour guide at the newly renovated Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Baltimore. She also volunteers at Our Daily Bread, a local soup kitchen. Marilyn missed the 45th reunion but is hopeful to make the 50th. Marty Laney reports she is still working full time. Thinking about retiring last year, she decided that she just wasn’t ready to stop working. Marty manages two pre-admission testing departments in a large health-care system southwest of Philadelphia. In addition, she taught a course at a local university in their RN completion program. Like all of us, Marty says her Hopkins beginning has served her well, and she continues to brag about her nursing credentials. Marty did add an MSN from the University of Pennsylvania in pediatric nursing working in inpatient maternal-child health care settings for many years. Marty is certified in nursing management and had an article published about five years ago in the Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing. Marty‘s two daughters live nearby (The oldest is a senior systems analyst with an oil company, and the other is a director of financial aid at a big city university.) Again the Hopkins “always keep moving” strain sees her active in a book club and a quilt guild. If you are in Philadelphia, look for her at Hopkins sponsored alumni activities. Marty says, and I think we all agree, “Nursing has been good to me.” As for me, Genie Lipa Wessel, I am also still working and loving nursing. Retired from the Maryland State Health Department and the University of MD but now do consulting and for the last eight years at Howard Community College in Maryland have managed a HUD grant to bring people into nursing. One daughter, one granddaughter and my husband of 44 years (the product of a Hopkins mixer) make life good. Please send your news to me as soon as you can! Be well.


Mark your calendars–September 25 and 26! Make plans to be in Baltimore for the Class of 1964’s 45th reunion.


Forty years! It’s hard to believe but mark your calendar and contact your Hampton House friends. Get them to come back with you to Hopkins this fall.


Class Reporter–Joan Monchak Lorenz, 3323 South Manhattan Avenue, Tampa, FL 33629. Hi everyone. I certainly like hearing from you and enjoy putting together news from our class. Please email me if you have not been getting emails from me. If you correspond with someone who doesn’t hear from me, please encourage them to write so that we can all keep in contact. My email address is [email protected]. My mobile phone is (813) 784-2187. We have a lovely house in Tampa, Florida and welcome visitors. So here is my news: our daughter Nika is graduating with her master’s from U of Florida this spring-GO GATORS! And our son Calder is graduating from U of San Francisco with his master’s in Creative Writing this summer. If we could sell our house, we would be ‘on the road’ in our Airstream travel trailer. However, that is not in the mix right now, so I continue to work in staff development at Bay Pines VA Healthcare System, and Laird continues to work for the Salvation Army. Not a bad life here in Florida, but we would rather be in the Southwest. Now on to the other news: Jan Wright Kilby and her husband have moved, and Jan has retired! They are living in Murrells Inlet, SC. Her email address is the same:[email protected]. Her retirement plans include volunteering, doing some traveling, decorating the condo, walking the beach, and trying to smell the roses! Kris Milillo Lifari writes that she still works as an investigator for a medical malpractice company defending doctors, NPs, PAs, staff and is in her 24th year doing so! Her husband is retired. Her son is working in Florida now and planning to be married in April ’09. Her daughter is considering graduate school. Pam Magnuson writes that she is currently working full time as a home visiting First Steps public health nurse for the Snohomish Health District, Washington. She says that there are MANY needs, and she does a lot of work with pregnant women on methadone maintenance treatment and Children’s Protective Services. She writes that “all those visits to homes over bars with space heaters in my public health rotation at Hopkins have come in handy.” Pam also wants us to know that she is five years post heart transplant.


Class Reporter–Eileen Gallagher Leahy, 110 Archwood Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401, (410) 263-6077, [email protected]. Please send me some updates for the next magazine. We’d like to know what’s happening personally and professionally.


Kristen Kanerva Richards and her husband announce the birth of their daughter born on January 8th (her actual due date).


Class Reporter–Kellye Scribner-Wright, 9116 Summer Park Drive, Baltimore, MD 21234, [email protected]. Hello, traditional class of 1999! I hope this new year finds everyone happy and healthy! I am still busy being a full-time mom to my two boys and working prn at Patient First, right here in Baltimore. I heard from Jenny Brady who recently accepted a position as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in the gastroenteritis and nutrition department at the Medical College of Virginia. She definitely has her hands full, especially after welcoming her third baby last year. For those of you who like Facebook, you’d be interested to know that there is now a page on it for the JHUSON alumni! This is a great chance for us to connect and share news, so please keep in touch. I hope to see everyone at our Homecoming on September 25 and 26. In case you haven’t realized it, this year marks our 10 year reunion! My how time flies when you’re having fun in nursing! Until next time, take care and God bless!

’99 Master’s

Class Reporter–Eileen Cordoba Tongson, 10024 Loblolly Pine Circle, Orlando, Florida, 32827, [email protected]. Congratulations to Cheryl Baugham-DuRant! Cheryl reports that she and her husband will celebrate 20 years of marriage this year! She will also celebrate nine years in the position of nurse case manager for the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital-one that was new to this department when she began. I, Eileen, have moved to Orlando with my family where my hus-band accepted a new job. We are expecting our second child (a boy!) this June. Big sister Isabel is very excited!

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Class Reporter–Sarah Gauger, 1518 Redmond Drive, Durham, NC 27712, (919) 321-8849, [email protected]. Kim Connelly is finally on her way back to the U.S. after having spent several years abroad in several different countries, most recently the Congo, working for the IRC. She expects to be back by the end of March. Rachel Griffin is working as a staff nurse at Stanford in the neuro/trauma/med/surg ICU. Outside of work, her life is consumed with competitive outrigger paddling. Helen Yee Borte is proud to announce the birth of her daughter in December. Everyone is doing well and enjoying their newly renovated home. Jen Rapp Kurian is still busy running after three young children, who are now involved in soccer and gymnastics. And somewhere in between, she still finds time to work with her dog Sophie on agility training. Anna Gorsuch Duttera continues to work as a CNIII at JHU’s NICU with special PICC line training. Anna is also busy being mother to a 6 year old and planning a family trip to Disneyworld. I continue to work as an inpatient diabetes NP. I enjoyed a great trip to Europe in October. Finally, many of us are on Facebook; it is a great way to stay in touch, and I look forward to becoming friends with more of you!


Class Reporter–Cindy Bode, 9 Trenton Lane, Bel Air, MD 21014, (410) 836-8617, [email protected]. Becky Kingsbury is a healthcare consultant. Farrah Lauten Brown is a cardiac cath lab nurse in Illinois. Laini Hamm is an ortho trauma nurse at University of Pennsylvania Hospital. Stephanie Ruales appears to be in medical school in the Philippines. Hillary Ittner-Mennella is an FNP in LA. Amber Zupancic-Albin is a lawyer in Oregon. Christiani Guerrero Gatto is still in the Boston area. Emily Bahne lives in Fresno. Mike Cox and I just visited with each other on an impromptu play date. Mary Rackovan just ran a marathon. Way to go Mary! Paul More is still out there traveling with Michelle. Renee Ebbert is a peds NP in Philly. Amy Haverland is in Seattle as an ICU nurse at UW. Julie Simpson Pertman has a beautiful new baby. Debbie Katz Lieber is in New York working as a nurse manager. Eboni Clark works at JHU and has a beautiful family. Christine Catbagan Fulinara and Neil live in San Diego with two children. Taquoa Shamberger is living in Los Angeles. I have gleaned most of my information from my memory and Facebook. I have a group on Facebook, JHUSON TRADITIONAL CLASS 2001. Please join when you have time. It’s easy and fun. Looking forward to seeing you in cyberspace.

’03 Accelerated

Melania Howell-Taylor is working at the Specialty Hospital of Washington as a wound care consultant and program coordinator for this long-term acute care hospital. She would like nursing students to know of this specialty in wound care as a career option, something she was not aware of when she was in nursing school.

’04 Accelerated

Christina Khaokham RN, MSN/MPH (’08) has been selected as an officer in CDC’s prestigious Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS), two-year postgraduate program of service and on-the-job training for health professionals interested in the practice of epidemiology. While in the MSN/MPH program, Christina also completed our Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing Program (OEHN), part of the Johns Hopkins Education and Research Center (ERC). Christina‘s selection is particularly notable because, of the 80 applicants selected each year, only a very small number do not hold a doctoral degree.


Amy Renner Clark is currently stationed in Rota, Spain with the Navy Nurse Corps. She was married in 2008. Amy was deployed last summer on the USNS Mercy, which is the sister ship for the USNS Comfort, whose home port is in Baltimore. Amy reports that during her deployment, they stopped in Singapore for a few days, and she was able to give a tour to some of the women from Hopkins Singapore.

’05 Business of Nursing Certificate

Kathleen Gross works as a radiology nurse at Greater Baltimore Medical Center. She is the editor of the Journal of Radiology Nursing which is published quarterly and is the official journal of the Association of Radiologic and Imaging Nursing (ARIN, formerly ARNA). She also serves on the Society of Interventional Radiology Safety and Health Committee and has been ARIN’s liaison to the PAD Coalition (Peripheral Arterial Disease Coalition) since 2002. She also co-authored the American Radiological Nurses Association (ARNA) Core Curriculum 2nd ed chapter on Contrast Media which was published in July 2008.


Class Reporter–Lisa Kowal, 1006 South East Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224, (410) 732-3808, [email protected]. “It is hard to believe that we have been out of JHUSON for almost three years. Let’s have an all out effort for everyone to email me and let me know where you are, your professional accomplishments, any academic or certification achievements so we can share in your success. This is not a time to be humble so be proud and please email me so the next JHUSON magazine can catch everyone up as to where and how you are doing. I look forward to your responses. Nancy Gruber is currently enrolled in the MSN program at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, in the Critical Care CNS program. She is employed at Hopkins in the Weinberg ICU.

’06 Accelerated

Ruth Loyer is working at Duke University Medical Center in Radiation Oncology. She’s a part-time Divinity School student and will begin FNP classes at Duke SON. Her long-term goal is to integrate nursing and ministry through work as an FNP in a community clinic and a minister of pastoral care in the local church.

’08 Accelerated

Class Reporter–Nicole Baur, 3145 Avalon Cove Court NW, Rochester, MN 55901, (970) 376-8023. Hello Accelerated 2008 Nurses! By now I imagine most of us have settled into our new nursing profession and are hopefully really enjoying having that RN title. I, Nicole Baur, work at Mayo Clinic on the Neurosurgical floor. Winter has been a challenging one in Minnesota. I will never forget the day when I had to walk to work in -41 degree weather! Yes, it gets that cold here! I didn’t receive many updates, so keep them coming for the next edition. Erin Heximer writes, “I am working on the VIP floor at Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA. I am living just up the hill, so I can bike to work. The job is good, the people have been great. Who knows how long I will last on the West Coast, but it has been good to me.” Congrats to Diana Priddy! She made it into the Army and is currently stationed at the Walter Reed Medical Center! Tess Deanehan is living in Canton and working on the Neuro Sciences unit at Johns Hopkins Bayview. Kristin McQuiddy writes, “I am working at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX on a special work assignment team (SWAT) where we travel all over the hospital to each unit … med/surg, PICU, NICU, ED, Heme/Onc … you name it. It’s been really great getting to learn all the different fields of pediatric nursing!” Jenn Peacock has some pretty big news: She is engaged to Lt. Nicholas John Grow and will be married in summer 2010 🙂 She is working in the SICU at URMC, and will be finished with orientation soon. Carrie Dean reports, “I am just finishing up the Critical Care and Trauma Nurse Internship here at Parkland Hospital in Dallas and have just started orientation on the Burn ICU. Loving it!” Abby Rose Witt is in Chicago, working in the Neuro-Spinal ICU at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Adina Ungar writes, “I am in orientation in Sinai Neuro unit. It’s going really well! My husband and I are enjoying watching our 11-month-old baby grow!!” Darcy Vetro Ravndal writes, “that my son was born on September 21 at Sinai Hospital. Anne Cavett graciously (and thankfully!!!) served as my doula. I figured this would be a good way to let everyone know baby is here and is healthy. Hope all is well!” Feel free to contact me anytime!!

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