Homecoming 2008

Homecoming 2008

Photos by Rob Smith and Joe Kemp

Students Michelle Basa, accel. '09; Courtney Peterson, accel. '09; and Dana Osberg, accel. '09
Sandra Gray (back to camera); Martha N. Hill '64; and Barbara Thomas Yinger '58
Mary Houwink Browning '58; Judy Fraser Parente '58; Emie Munzel '09; Nancy Gould Carr '58; and Ann Hill Eastman '58
Debbie Baker, accel. '92, MSN '97
Rachel Pickett Anderson '58 and Nancy McCall, archivist
Ruth Barnard '58
Linda Renninger Jonides '68 and Eunice Searles King '68
Rosemary Gonzalez Killosch '06 and Sue Riddleberger, CHH '73
Phyllis Naumann, MSN '94 and Sue Appling '73
Mary Ann Small Cline, CHH '58; Jane Reck Rice, CHH '48; and Sue Coffin Plaza, CHH '58
Gwyn Price Reece '98; Maureen Maguire, Honorary; and Mary Ann Knott Grasso '78
Kimberly Waldrep '06; Anne Denys; and Neysa Ernst '06
Faculty and former faculty: Maureen Maguire, Honorary; Martha N. Hill '64; Rosemary Mortimer; Sue Appling '73; Marie Kirwin; and Bernie Keenan '86
Doris Perkinson Zimmerman '53; Carolyn Coker Boykin '53; Jack Zimmerman; Bernard Boykin; Carol Dolly Schmid '53; and Otto Schmid
Betty Borenstein Scher '50 and Harriet Brodkin Saidman '58
Barbara Hall Richardson '58
Michelle Basa, accel.'09 and Janice Perry Kranich '48

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