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Class Reporter–Laura Brautigam June, P.O. Box 655, 7215 Cascade Road, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, (760) 366-8181, [email protected]. Most of our class members belonged to the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps which paid our board, room, tuition, Hopkins uniforms and Cadet summer and winter uniforms plus a tiny monthly stipend. Our only obligation was to stay in essential nursing for the duration of World War II. Some of us are still writing our congressmen for an honorable discharge. Ebay on the internet shows many posters and ads for the Corps which are up for bidding and occasionally shows pins, patches but rarely a uniform. Pat Vicinus Cote died suddenly in July. It was especially a shock to those of us who spent time with her at the reunion in 2006. The last email from her told of the joy she had had in teaching history classes. Jean Selby Fox’s widower wrote that they had six children and 14 grandchildren. Mona Staska Riley called before she left for Portland and Seattle to visit family. Astrid Johnsen Reiley, after recovery from recent illnesses, moved to her new apartment and has joined a writers’ workshop and Friends of the Library. Winnie Wyncoop Carter has recovered from gall bladder surgery.


Class of 1948

Mary Hester Powell recalls her days in Nigeria, West Africa from 1949-1962 with the Baptist Foreign Mission Board. Natalie (Penny) Parker Earnest’s husband died in 2007. She spent her career as an OR nurse, flight attendant, school nurse, wife and mother. Mary Jeanne Lowe Jennison worked as the School Nurse Health Supervisor for 25 years. She lives in a house built in 1760 that she and her husband restored. Barbara Weimer Hurst enjoys involvement in her church. Marie Bidwell Leuchs worked at Bellevue Medical Center and at the JHH as a head nurse. Her class memories include her class of 39 students of whom all but three were in the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps. Due to lack of space in Hampton House, they were assigned to “The Old Nurses Home.” Amelia Wallace Vernon is grateful for an amazing educational opportunity at Hopkins.Mercedes Pittman Munson spent her nursing career as a public health nurse and on the nursing faculty at U of AL, U of SC, and LSU. Helen Merrill Gugerty worked for 22 years as a school nurse and a school nurse teacher in Nassau County, NY. Her class memories include the Sherwood Forest Nurses’ Cottage.  Janice Perry Kranich was Assistant Director of Nursing for 32 years at the Harper-Detroit Medical Center. Elsbeth Graf Smith enjoyed a varied career as a night supervisor, private duty nurse, ward teacher, supervisor/head nurse at local nursing home, and as a school nurse. Memories include playing a running game of bridge and her room in the old nursing building. Mary Short Spencer worked as the office nurse in her husband’s medical practice part time. Her memories include the early use of penicillin. Sallie Cook Lanier, a minister’s wife and missionary, retired in 1989. Her class memories include the dedicated nursing staff and the camaraderie of her diverse class. Liz Krause enjoyed a varied career in hospital, public health, and school nursing. Her class memories include Turtle Derby, “pink baby out of blue baby.” Frances Sullivan Ingenito worked in home health care and worked in Farmington in Dept. of Rheumatology until she retired. She remembers living in the old nurses’ home at JHH. Jane Garrison Trolinger was an instructor at Bon Secours (newborn) as well as an in-service instructor at Church Home and Mercy hospitals. Age and arthritis limit her activities. Peggy Case Harvie said, “… Little did I suspect when I graduated 60 years ago that I would be sending greetings by way of a fax from FL to my fellow alumni at Homecoming!” Graycie Marie Cameron was an operating room charge nurse, a home health nurse, newborn nurse and an elementary teacher. She just bought her first computer! Her class memories include trips to Sherwood Forest and using the tunnel (esp. at night).

Class Reporter–Betty B. Scher1190 W. Northern Parkway #225, Baltimore, MD 21210, (443)-449-5934, bbscher Thanks to your responses to my letter we have news to report on all of us! Counting myself, there are 15 of us still around; I received 12 responses to my appeal for news, made two phone calls. So, here goes with what is going on for each of us. Two of the top prizes for keeping busy may go to Marion Bee and Cora Lawrence.Marion writes that “retirement here seems to be rest, relaxation and reading…I have lots of relatives here and lots of flowers in a garden and lots of birds passing through.” Cora writes, “I’m still quite active. Recently I picked 1 cups of strawberries and more rhubarb from my p-patch. Seattle has 72 such city gardens and mine is only four blocks away… I’m enjoying reading history and biography…I continue to enjoy my 180 degree view (she is at the base of Mt. Everest) and convenient neighborhood…” I assume Cora also is still singing with her church choir as well. Mildred (Bunny) Barnard claims that “all (her) cylinders are not energetic,” but she still enjoys her large classical music collection. Mary Agnes Hull Stewart spends time in her “cozy house here in Tim’s (her son) yard” and then she goes to daughter Maureen on Saturday. She has nine grandchildren whom she sees frequently. Jo McDavid Hubbardboth called and wrote a letter-and Jo keeps up regular phone visits with me. She stays busy working in her house and yard; three grandsons are in college; she takes care of hubby Stan; she also has her former housekeeper living with her (who is too ill to be left alone and Jo is “her family”). So, except for normal aging, Jo seems to be doing great. Jo and Janey Shutts Pinkerton keep in touch with each other, so I get news from each of them. Janey finally has recuperated from her hip replacement surgery. Now she has a few more medical problems which are being cared for-and she has oodles of family around (besides hubby Pinky) to do whatever needs to be done. Doris Benjamin Carroll and Dick seem to be doing okay, as are their children. However, I confess to misplacing her reply card. I have tried to phone but cannot get through with the number I have. Also got a response from Eileen Meacham Watson’s daughter in Memphis, TN. Eileen’s husband died 2 years ago and Eileen is in a nursing home. Her mind is not as great as it used to be (whose is!) but with her three children around, her daughter writes that “we visit every day… and all in all she’s doing pretty well.” (Thanks for the response and news, Madeleine.) Ginger Groseclose David responded via e-mail as dictated to her husband (although we frequently get in touch with each other this way) and we also talked by phone. Her sight is far from what it should be but “she still maintains a wonderful home for them.” She even cooks, although Don wonders a bit how she can do that so well. (He does not know our Ginger!) She also loves to walk in their beautiful mountain neighborhood and listen to ‘talking books.’ Their older daughter moved nearby about a year ago, so at least one grandson is nearby. Their younger daughter and son-in-law (in nearby Atlanta) had a second grandchild as well. As Ginger put it-“All in all, life has been good, very good.” Anna Clair JunkinRuth Stilz Whitmore, and I had lunch together again. All of us have slowed down, but are doing well and are relatively active. Ruth and Marv live at a retirement community, and she is taking care of Marv as he gets older and more needy. Several relatives of Marv also live there, and Ruth’s daughter is a Baltimore dermatologist, so family helps. As always, Lolita Beidelman responded promptly by phone. We “solve the problems of the world together,” and this time we also reminisced about our wonderful time as students and our blessings with the instructors we enjoyed. Her niece and nephew-in-law still live happily in New Zealand, but Lolita has not made up her mind about moving there to live with them. When I phoned Mackie McCown Kolb, we spoke for a short time and all seems as usual down in TX. I spoke more to her daughter, Talei, who visits from WI every three months and makes sure all is going well and things are in order. (Does anyone know what the H.M.C. in Mackie’s name means?? I am still guessing…always wrong, of course. I spoke to Annette (Terrie) Theriault Preston’s husband Ted. Terrie is in an Inova rehabilitation hospital after two operations; Ted and one son are living together at home for now. As for me,Betty Borenstein Scher, I manage to stay pretty busy, although I confess I am starting to feel my age. I do volunteer work two days a week, exercise three days a week, walk six days a week (am up to a half hour each time), do a lot of reading, frequently have a jigsaw puzzle in progress, visit youngest child (Bob) and his family each weekend-so he and his wife can go out every Saturday while I stay with their son (now 8 years old). As for vacations, all of mine are to visit family (children, etc.). To each of you, thanks again – stay or get well – enjoy as much as you can!

Class Reporter–Catherine Morton Bork15039 Harrison Avenue, Allen Park, MI 48101, (313) 381-9396. You may also contact Rosie Ghysels at [email protected] or (616) 475-4677 and Pris Teeter at [email protected]. Please send them your information. Rose Mary Burroughs Schulte writes that they are pretty much “status quo.” They go to the beach each summer weekend with family in the summer. Anne Wright Morooney and I are great fans of George Will. Whenever he writes a news column on baseball, I share it with AnneDoris Higgins Thompson and her husband Merle live in the Charlestown Retirement Community in MD. They live in one of the original seminary buildings with 12 foot ceilings. Doris writes that she attends two Bible studies and volunteers her ceramics know-how with residents at the care center. Merle has emphysema and is on oxygen when in the apartment, but can walk a mile or two without it. Doris keeps fit by going to the pool five times a week for water aerobics and the fitness center. Lucia Cabot Cipolla continues to travel a great deal-her children seem to be hither and yon. Sue Anstine Shankroff says they are all well-except for daughter Jan, who had successful treatment for breast cancer, but now has developed rheumatoid arthritis. She and husband Herb volunteer at a local agency which feeds the homeless and needy. Esther Moore Clement and Tom are so aware of the gradual insidious loss of strength. Does that sound familiar? Tom has Parkinson’s disease, but manages pretty well. They make visits annually to their son in CO and daughter in NY. They try to get to the local senior center gym and do mall walking three times a week. Nancy Brooks Lacy wrote the very sad news of the death of her son, Brooks, in mid-July. He died in his sleep. He had needed a new kidney. He would drive his wife into Nashville to work at Vanderbilt four days a week and then come and stay at Nancy’s until it was time to take her home. So Brooks was there with Nancy frequently during his last months. In May, Jane Boice Turnbull developed a severe and sudden lower back problem with pain radiating down her legs. She’s been on a regular low dose of steroids with a possible laminectomy in the future. With all her pain and difficulties, she still fixes food to take to shut-in friends at her church. Rosie Ghysels is scheduled for her second knee replacement in October. She and Jane and I hope to get together once before snow flies! Betsy Boggs now has a motorized wheelchair for maneuvering about in her apartment. We did not get to OH to see her this summer-and she is not able now to deal with the difficulties of air travel. Pris Grey Teeter is still a world traveler and writes with such enthusiasm about her experiences! Adele Sparks Birx’s husband, Don, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and treatment is being considered. I, Catherine Morton Bork, had bi-lateral foot surgery in July. The two little piggies that stayed home were straightened-and I’ve been somewhat sedentary since the surgery.


Class of 1953

Madge Merkley Ziegler enjoys reading, travel, bridge and crossword puzzles. Jane Williams Cole and Joan Williams live in FL. Jane does a lot of traveling around the country to see her daughters, and especially to Houston to see her granddaughter. They both retired in 1990. Memories include annual Turtle Derby, Sherwood Forest, and the Student Nurses Basketball League. Lillian Chang Soo-Hoo enjoys classical music, reading, and news on TV. Memories include her first clinic experience on the acute psychiatric ward. Nellie Pickett Adams worked as a school nurse teacher from 1965 to 1975 and health and reading teacher from 1975 to 1994. Her class memories include going through the tunnel for midnight snacks. Carolyn Banghart worked in nurse-midwifery practice, education, and public health. Her class memories include Osler medical clinic and her favorite is visiting the cottage on the Severn. Mary O’Connor Cobb reports that her husband received the JHU Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service last year. Mary has had a knee replacement and some other medical issues but manages to swim and use the exercise bike several times a week. Adelene Laub Darr retired after many enjoyable years of hospital, nursing home, and public health nursing! Her class memories include double feature movies at the Apex Theater, Sherwood Forest,  and great classmates. Mary Elizabeth Moseley McDowell taught nursing for 30 years. She keeps busy knitting sweaters for kids and blankets for Project Linus. Carol Dolly Schmid worked in the OR at Hopkins for several years and then raised her family. She loves attending the grandchildren’s events and babysitting the 7-month-old triplet girls. Nancy Neal is in Baltimore with her dog Ebbi. She says survival is her full-time job! Shirley Hale is sorry to miss the reunion. She had a hysterectomy earlier this year and had complications. Thankfully she is alive but not 100% yet but hopefully soon. Sarah Hering Day is active with Meals on Wheels, Olney Theater and the Nurses’ Club. Her best memories are the fun everyone had at Hampton House. Edie Olson Range had a left corneal transplant and left hip replacement. She enjoys being a hospice volunteer coordinator in her retirement community. Jane Buettner Stevick remembers the classmates, instructors and patients at Wilmer where she worked for two years after graduating. She will never forget Osler or Harriet Lane. Joan Tunnicliffe Hurlock enjoys being a member of the Sacramento County Public Health Advisory Board research and evaluation committee and family activities. Sarah E. (Betty) Allison was a consultant in nursing and nursing administration. She also held numerous teaching positions and published in various books and journals. She remembers returning to school after having TB, joining the class of ’53, and receiving excellent clinical experience at Hopkins. Florence Christy Hasbrook’s career has included diverse work as a pediatric nurse (at JHH), visiting nurse, camp nurse, occupational health nurse, and med-surg instructor! She spends her time volunteering at Baylor Medical Center and playing the organ. Carolyn Croker Boykin is working in the JHH OR one day a week. Her memories include Miss McGee’s shoes appearing under the patient’s bedside curtains long before she let you know she was there.

Class Reporter–Margaret Barber Trever29504 Hawkes Hill Rd., Easton, MD 21061-8646, (410) 822-0479, [email protected]Carol Kealey greatly enjoys teaching a weekly class of Easy English-mainly our puzzling idiomatic expressions-for international students with basic knowledge, attending college in Columbia, MO. Carol Straub Guilbert has cut back her volunteer hours due to problems with blood pressure and back, now under control with medication. Dick still plays tennis at 80. Daughter Deb has been having weekly attacks of blindness lasting 15 minutes in left eye, for which answers have not been forthcoming. With that and carpal tunnel syndrome, she is reluctantly having to give up her tile business. An invitation to drop by is extended to anyone vacationing in Hilton Head. Kay Smith Burr and Ted, though his improperly healed tibial fracture keeps him from record-breaking speed, get in their exercise with a daily walk. Great how some people cope. A letter to Anne Budlong was returned. Does anybody know where she is now? Yours truly has filled out another form for the original Nurses Health Study, in which I have participated for over 30 years. I was interested in the inquiries made regarding social life, support systems, and other topics related to coping with the problems of aging, in addition to the regular physical problems, medications taken, and foods eaten the past year. The AJN is now running articles on caring for the aged, too. Can it be that we ourselves are now categorized as the old-elderly! In February, a fall on ice led to a linear fracture of my distal right radius, putting the dominant hand out of commission for awhile, though it is now back in operation, thankfully. What we do take for granted when all is well. Bob is learning more about Parkinson’s (PD) via the Internet all the time. We continue our daily walk on the local Rails-to-Trails, and he keeps going. Our oldest daughter has been diagnosed with PD also, though continues missionary work, now teaching English composition to collegiate students wishing to be translators in Taiwan.

Patricia Jo Ruckman Burroughs and her husband. live on a small dry-land farm (no longer an actual farm) that has a great view of the Rocky Mountains. Class memories include going to the town fruit and vegetable square andCarolyn Pope getting stabbed through her coat on our way home; moving furniture out of the dorms so they could be fumigated for cockroaches.


Class of 1958 celebrated the 50th reunion.

Eileen Leahy reported that KarenLorraineTiaMary Ann and Eileen met in Fells Point for the reunion. Tia brought many pictures, and they enjoyed reminiscing. Everyone looked so young in the pictures! They missed all who weren’t there and hope for a better turnout for the 35th in 2013. The class donated $3,225 to the SON Scholarship Fund in memory of classmate Dana Cohen Diaz. Thanks to Karen Stanley for putting together the reunion book.

Just when Rosemarie Chmelik Kinney was considering going back to L&D to work, she found that she is going back there for a different reason, another child is on the way. Her class memories include how she really appreciated that Maureen McArdle drove her to their psych rotation. Maureen had a great new car, and she didn’t have to share, but she did! Rebecca Gardner-Brown enjoys her nursing career while accompanying her military husband on tours of duty across the country. She was in clinical practice for 15 out of the 20 years-emergency nursing, L&D, post anesthesia recovery. Her most recent position is Case Manager, Dept of Medical Management at Naval Hospital. Her best memory is carpooling with Donna Downing Corddry and stopping for coffee and box of Dunkin Donut holes! Linda Bragole Francis is married and has two children. She works as a staff nurse at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Her specialties include Cardiology, General Medicine, and General Surgery. She scuba dives and enjoys biking and exercising.


Class of 1963

Kristin Holt Evans works as a progressive agency nurse; the ED is her specialty. She enjoys family, travel, and soccer/softball. Her class memories include med-surg rotation at Church Hospital with Yvonne and Karla, psych rotation with Yvonne and Karla, Homewood with Leslie and Laura.

Accelerated  Maria Geesey Bondura works as a product manager/healthcare consultant for Perot Systems. She assists with implementation of clinical software. Her class memories include lots of fun with Sue Bobango and meeting a great group of people from all walks of life. Christi Zohlen has served as a Navy nurse since 1994 (MSN/PNP – 1999). She just completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and is a physical therapist in San Diego. Christiremembers riding the bus from Homewood with Sue, Bonnie, Marit and Kristin. Bonnie Wolfson Hoover is a stay-at-home mother and enjoys long distance running, reading and gardening. Sarah Zadravec McDonald’s sister-in-law is Sue Dexheimer McDonaldSarah practiced as a Certified Nurse-midwife (Georgetown U) until son was born in 2004. She is teaching Lamaze classes and working part time. She is active in her neighborhood moms group and son’s co-op preschool. She appreciates the friendships she made. Amy Barlow Britt works at Southampton Memorial Hospital and is working on a series of writing projects for Cengage Learning. Amanda Jackson Zambrano has worked as a critical care nurse at Union Memorial Hospital for 14 years and is an ACLS instructor.

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Class of 1968

Class of 1973

Class of 1978

Class Reporter–Gwyn Price Reece, 6234 Manchester Way, Elkridge, MD 21075, (410) 796-7176, [email protected]. What a milestone–this year we celebrated our 10 year class reunion–can you believe it?! Take a moment in your mind to think about where we started and where we are now–wow! I am sure that each and every one of you is celebrating many successes as a result of your Hopkins education! To celebrate our 10-year reunion, a small group of us gathered at Fogo De Chao in downtown Baltimore to wine, dine, reminisce, and share our personal stories of success with one another. We had a fabulous time…and we laughed a lot! We only wish that we could have shared the evening with more of you! Unfortunately, I received very few responses to our requests for personal updates. If you had intended to but life got in the way–it’s not too late! Those of us who gathered agreed that Class News is the first thing we look at in the Hopkins magazine. If you are one of the many who have not sent an update, please do us all the favor of telling us about your successes–both personal and professional! We’d love to hear from you! And now for some updates! Carrie Alexander received her PNP at Hopkins in ’03 and has done extensive international work, particularly with tsunami relief victims, but is not currently working clinically. She is considering a second master’s degree in Public Health in the near future. Carrie is living with “the love of her life” in DC. Steve Allen and his wife, Heather, live in MD with their two dogs and two cats. Steve left nursing after 9/11 to work in military intelligence. Currently, Steve is Team Chief with the Defense Intelligence Agency covering Chinese leadership, decision-making analysis and cross–Taiwan Strait stability. Steve is now Sergeant Major with the National Guard and recently returned from Iraq, his third deployment since graduating from nursing school. Nelly Molano di Targiani has two children and has been an OB/GYN NP for the faculty of OB/GYN at JHSOM for seven years. In her free time, Nelly enjoys reading, traveling, biking, and white water rafting. Her favorite memory is graduation! Lorinda Farris and her husband just returned to the States after being overseas. Lorinda is a Major in the U.S. Air Force and works as a Women’s Health NP. In her free time, Lorinda enjoys staying fit & weight lifting, oil painting, reading and spending time with her husband, family and friends. Her favorite memories of Hopkins are Barbara, Carole, Gwen, Kathleen & Leslie. Colleen Grubb and her husband have two children. Colleen got her master’s from U of MD in ’05, specializing as a Neonatal NP. She works at JH Bayview and JHH in the NICU as an NP and transport NNP. Besides taking care of preemies, Colleen enjoys boating/water sports, and spending time with her family. Her favorite memories are meeting Anne O’Brien for the first time at the local community college–“she really sold the school!” She also enjoyed the occasional ‘liquid diet’ for lunch in Fells Point (when she was not pregnant); the party at Levering Hall on the Homewood campus for the SON, SOM, SPH and the graduate school–the bar needed to close earlier than expected since there was no more alcohol left; the bonding we experienced with each other–who would have thought something good could come out of group projects?! Mary Mitcherling Hurdle and her husband have a 7-yr-old son and 18-month-old twins. Mary is working at the Towson Surgical Center in the OR. Mary’s favorite class memories include Dr. Ada Davis & carpooling with John Christ & Jen RiddleMeredith Wayne Irwin and her husband have a 9-month-old and live in GA. She completed her PNP at the Medical College of GA and worked as a PNP in Pediatric Cardiology until the arrival of her first child. Meredith is currently basking in the love of motherhood at home with her daughter. Meredith, Carrie & Jessica (former Hopkins roommates) reunited for the 10 year reunion and made a day of it! They cruised past their old apartment, checked out some of their old haunts, and reminisced about “the good old days”! (Trust me, there were some great stories!) Julia LaBare Kane and her husband have three children. Julia received her MSN/NP from Vanderbilt in Women’s Health. She is on faculty at Fayetteville Technical Community College. Besides shuttling her kids around & working, Julia likes playing golf. Julia’s memories include “good times in Fells Point” and writing the final care plan! Maria Lagares Lager, her husband and two girls live in Annapolis, MD. Maria works part time from home as a case manager for a health insurance company. She maintains her clinical skills working per diem for area hospitals in the NICU, Peds ER, Peds floor and at Villa Maria, where she provides peds nursing care and adolescent mental health care. In her free time, Maria enjoys camping, kayaking, leading Brownie troops, being a “Room Mom” for her daughter’s 1st grade class. Barbara Lund is living in TX with her three dogs and only a mile from her sister and two nephews. She worked as a nurse in a newborn nursery for two years but then returned to engineering. Barbara notes that she still has an active nursing license, and enjoys attending conferences to obtain CEUs. In her free time, she enjoys swimming and bicycling, time with family and friends, and working on her house, which has made it through two real hurricanes. Her memories are the people-she can’t believe how hard we worked and all of the care plans! (Ugh!) Jessica Mikuliak completed the FNP program at Georgetown and promptly “gave back” to the National Health Service Corps at a clinic in DC called La Clinica Del Pueblo, where she still works part time. She also works at a private internal medicine office as an FNP, and in her free time (ha!) she staffs an area CVS Minute Clinic. Amy Caddington Ripley and her husband are living in the U.S. Virgin Islands and are expecting their first child in January. (Congratulations, Amy!) Amy works as a nurse on a Labor & Delivery Unit in St. Thomas, where she has been for the last six years. Her favorite Hopkins memories are meeting lots of great people! Melissa Holder-Utkovic, her husband, and her 2-year-old daughter split their time between FL and the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. Melissarecently accepted a position starting up a new Bone Marrow Transplant program. They have just com-pleted their 8th transplant and now are working on applying for FACT accreditation-so it is very exciting. Melissa offers that if anyone is ever in the Ft. Lauderdale area to please contact her! As for me, Gwyn Price Reece, I live in MD with my husband, two children and two dogs. I work full time as a PNP with a private group called Annapolis Pediatrics, where I have been since ’02. Besides trying to juggle a full-time job and a family, I enjoy exercising and training for triathlons. My newest goal is to complete an Olympic distance triathlon in ’09, which I will be doing for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. I serve as president of the MD chapter of the National Association of Pediatric NPs (NAPNAP). My favorite memories are the laughs that we were able to muster while trudging through a rigorous nursing program. Returning to Hopkins for our 10-year reunion was surreal for me. I enjoyed seeing former faculty, security guards (yes, Gene is still there–and he remembered me!), and staff–all who quickly remember you and are excited to hear about your successes after Hopkins. I encourage all of you who are reading this, who have not sent in an update, to PLEASE do so! We all enjoy learning of other’s successes–and what paths our lives have taken since graduation. Best wishes to all–I hope you are well.

maguire gibson class1998

Linda Bragole Francis ’88 with her
favorite faculty member, Maureen Maguire.

Kendra Young Gibson,
accelerated ’98

Class of 1998

Accelerated  Traci Cronin Doherty is an FNP at Suffolk University Health Services. She spends her spare time with her family and enjoys skiing, the beach, travel and photography. Cynthia Henry Thurlow is working part time for a large cardiology group seeing a diverse in-patient and out-patient population. She also has started precepting NP students. She enjoys Pilates, tennis, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Memories-spending time with Sarah JopingChristina BorealeCherene SaradarBrigid Hite, etc. Great relationships with several faculty members: Sue Appling, Rosemary Mortimer, Krysia Hudson; Clinicals at JHH, St. Joe’s, GBMC, Maryland, etc. Life in Baltimore was much simpler during our accelerated program, but I didn’t appreciate it at the time. Cherene Saradar is pursuing her Nurse Anesthetist master’s degree at Florida International University (halfway done). She is also working part time at Jackson Memorial Hospital in the trauma ICU. Class memories include braving the mean streets of E. Baltimore to get smoothies at Northeast Market. Esmeralda Liu is an NCIII at JHH Cardiac Progressive Care Unit and attending JHUSON for her ACNP degree. Class memory is her Med-Surge clinical rotation with Sandy Swoboda ’88. Rebecca Wentling is working as a community health nurse in a low income clinic. She’ll graduate with an NP in Psychiatry in December. She enjoys camping and hiking but is still learning how to do it with toddlers. Kathryn Kravetz Carr is a nurse midwife in MA. Julie McClellan Torsone lives in NC with her husband and two children. Meggin Griffin Crawford is married to a pilot and is a hematology/oncology NP at Baylor College of Medicine. She also sees general oncology and hematology patients at Ben Taub General Hospital, the local county hospital for uninsured/underinsured people. She is on the board of directors for the Pink Ribbons Project ( which is a local organization that raises money for the prevention of breast cancer, especially for the underserved. The group helped fund Harris County Hospital District’s first mobile mammography van! They have an annual bike ride, the Tour de Pink ( She and classmate Tammi Massaglia will be on vacation in Sicily and will miss the reunion! Kendra Young Gibson and her husband were happy to be at the Alumni luncheon to congratulate Sue Appling on receiving the Heritage Award.

Master’s  Sharon Myers works in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as the Director of Quality Manage-ment for the National Guard and serves as the consultant for the Central Board of Accreditation for Healthcare Institutions. She is an international speaker on quality concepts and patient safety. Her publications now include a book by HCPRO titled, Stay Ready: Tools to Maintain JCI Accreditation (2007).

Class Reporter–Sarah Gauger1518 Redmond Drive, Durham, NC 27712, [email protected]Jenny Gallion Femrite enjoys being a stay-at-home mom after having worked seven years at UCSD Medical Center in the CCU/MICU.Jen Rapp Kurian is still busy as a stay-at-home mom and nursing the bumps and bruises of her three active children! Eileen MacMurtrie announces the birth of her son in July. She is also proud to announce that she is an adult health NP. She is looking for a job in the Philadelphia area. Kim Connelly is working for the IRC in the DRC, but says she will be leaving early next year and heading back to the states for a while. She isn’t sure if she will do international work stateside or if she will look for something “domestic.” Bill Roberts is working as the Call Center Quality Assurance Manager for the clinical response level of the CDC-INFO. He and Jesse Milan, Jr were married in CA in September. Linda Brigode Katstra is working per-diem at her local childbirth center and chasing after two active kids. She will be leading another mission trip to Haiti in January to work with International Child Care. Megan Dills Gulotta works as a WHNP in a NYC OB/GYN office and teaches childbirth classes. She has two children. Marian Grant has started the DNP program at the U of MD with a scholarship from CareFirst to become a nursing faculty member. Ivy Howland Thoman is proud to announce the birth of her daughter on 8/08/08 at 8:00. Jen Meyer and Tim Struna welcomed their first child in April. They live in Alaska where Tim is the manager of the Health Center serving the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta Region (an area the size of Oregon), and Jen is working as a public health nurse at the center, but taking some time off with the new baby. Other news found out through is that Jenny Patton Fury is addicted to Facebook and still enjoying working from home and spending time with her son. I, Sarah Gauger, am working at Duke University Medical Center as an inpatient diabetes NP and as a clinical instructor at the Duke SON. I am looking forward to a much needed 10-day vacation to Europe in October.

Accelerated  Ellie Duplass Tsikalas and her Navel Academy grad and pilot husband met at Hopkins and have a son. Ellie worked as a staff RN at the Cardiac Unit while in CA. In FL, she worked as an office RN in a Cardiac Unit-ran a coumadin clinic and as an adjunct clinical instructor at a junior college. In PA, she works as a proud full-time mom to her son. Since married to the military, Ellie’s biggest hobby has been moving all over the country! Her class memories include the diversity of all the students and how much she learned from them! Since her husband is no longer on active duty and has taken a job near her family, it allows her to get her master’s in nursing education and do more teaching in the future. She sends her best wishes to everyone–she often misses her time at Hopkins! Heidi Kurrus works as an FNP at the Heart of Texas Community Health Center. Jennifer Helzer works as a staff nurse (NCIIM) in the Weinberg SICU at JHH. She’s applying to the MSN/MPH program at JHU. She enjoys being outdoors, young adult ministry, and traveling (she just returned from the U.S.–China Nursing forum in Beijing through People to People Int’l). Amy Caryn Haimovitz was treated for ovarian cancer in January. She was accepted to the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association State Ambassadors Program to advocate as an HPNA State Ambassador on the local, state, and federal levels. Her memories include sitting at her computer writing Care Plans for 48 hours straight and then staying awake for 72 hours straight to make it to clinical. Sahar Alhusseini has moved back to Bahrain to be with family but is so sad to miss the reunion and extends well wishes to classmates.

Megan Hoffmann married Pete Foradori, Jr. in OH in June. Megan is finishing up her CNS work, having enjoyed her practicum at Pitt County Children’s Hospital in Greenville, NC. She is proud to announce that her sister Amy began the traditional program at JHUSON this fall.

Accelerated  Class Reporter–Bonnie Benjamin734 Cole St., San Francisco, CA 94117, (415) 215-2217, [email protected]Dana Morse has started travel nursing with the first stop Honolulu! Bethany Felan welcomed a baby girl in April, and still continues to work L&D at INOVA Fairfax. Gretchen Scheidler left the Visiting Nurse Service of NY in July ’07 and together she and Ty are getting their MBA in Health Sector Management at Duke. For their final semester they will be moving to Hyderabad, India for six months, and Gretchen will start work on return at McKinsey & Co., where she’ll be doing predominantly Payor/Provider and Global Public Health work. Caroline Lobo works on a surgical floor at Lynchburg General. She hopes to start a master’s program next fall. Sean Braden and Sonia Van Dyne are together. Sean graduated from the Adult NP program in June and is working as an emergency RN at SF General and CPMC. Sonia is working as a midwife and catching babies at Kaiser Walnut Creek and Highland Hospital in Oakland. She also works in a prenatal clinic in the East Bay with a primarily Spanish speaking population. Haik Topadzhikyan graduated with a master’s in Nurse Anesthesia from the Kaiser School of Anesthesia and is now working at Kaiser Permanente LA Medical Center. He says thank you to the SON for providing leadership and helping students reach their full potential. James Emerton left the NICU at UCSF for the adult cardiac surgical ICU at Stanford. He continues to work a per diem hospice job as well, and is contemplating applying to an FNP or anesthesia program. Laura Tison transferred from the PICU to the Cardiac ICU at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She and her boyfriend of five years got engaged in July. Becca Cordes, after a year and a half of travel nursing, signed on as staff at UCSF as an RN and Unit Educator. As for me, Bonnie Benjamin, I graduated from the Critical Care CNS program at UCSF in June and continue to work as an RN at UCSF.

Accelerated  Class Reporter–Nicole Baur3145 Avalon Cove Court NW, Rochester MN 55901, (970) 376-8023, [email protected]. Hello Accelerated 2008 Classmates!! Just a few months ago, we all received our diplomas and most of us scattered to different parts of the country. It is my hope that we attempt to maintain our Hopkins bond throughout the coming years. This update will find all of us on different parts of our nursing journey and what an amazing journey it will be. I look forward to the next class report, when I imagine most of us will be settled into the profession and ready to share some pretty exciting updates. As for myself, Nicole Baur, I am working on the neurosurgical floor at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and couldn’t be happier! So proud to have that “RN” behind my name! Priya Patel is working at Kennedy Krieger Institute. She’ll start the MSN Forensic program in January. Gracie Parchment writes, “Life since graduation has been wonderful. I vacationed in Ocho Rios, Jamaica in August; recently moved back to NY and will take the NCLEX soon. Suzanne Levesque is an RN Clinician 1 at UVA Medical Center’s, The Women’s Place. She is still orienting to all the units, but is finding it very enjoyable. Megan Shepter vacationed in Cozumel and the Dominican Republic before starting her job at St. Joseph Medical Center in the Med/Surg ICU with Jim SmallElizabeth Serrano is living in Orange County, CA and has passed the NCLEX. She is currently interviewing. Heather Poreda spent a month volunteering as a nurse with United Planet in Cusco, Peru and worked at three different clinics! Maria Oasan is working at Georgetown University Hospital in a Cardiovascular and Thoracic Intermediate Care Unit. Jennie Koch writes, “Graduation seems like ages ago! I began orientation at JHH and am working on Meyer 9, which is a neurosurgery step-down unit. I spent the majority of August in upstate NY, which was a great break from life in the city. I hope you are all doing great wherever you are!” Pamela Homiak started the new graduate nurse orientation at Georgetown in L&D. She loves it! Katy Olive is working at JHH in an adult cardiac telemetry unit (Osler 4). She enjoys having more time to run, cook, and hang out with her boyfriend Martin. Kristen Erekson spent time with family in St. Louis and VA and then went with a friend on a cruise in the Bahamas! She finished the summer by passing the NCLEX. Kristen has started her new job at Hopkins (Pediatrics GI/Nutrition Clinic).Adina Ungar writes, “still job hunting, studying for NCLEX, and hanging out with my husband and 6-month-old baby girl!” Kristin Geske has a job in a level 1 trauma center at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. Glecy De Leon is working in the surgery unit focusing on cardiac, cardio-thoracic and organ transplant surgery at Seattle Children’s. She had a nice three-week vacation in Hawaii seeing friends and eating as much local foods as she could. Claire Alano is back in Baltimore after spending the summer enjoying the great outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. She is working at JHH on the Ped Oncology unit. Diana PriddyLeah Shaw, and Melanie Lukesh went to Kenya and volunteered at a hospital (Nakuru Provincial General Hospital). Diana has also been commissioned into the Army Nursing Corps and will begin officer training in October. Ashley Beam will be starting in the PICU at Hopkins in the December orientation group. She is looking forward to it. Wes Cook passed the NCLEX and is about to finish orientation at Bayview Burn. Jessica Tallman will be working on Weinberg Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Hopkins. Molly Holshouser did her transitions placement in Peds at Muhimbili National Hospital in Tanzania. She will begin a position at JHH on the Polk Unit, the inpatient HIV and infectious disease unit, and will be starting the FNP Program at JHUSON in January. Sammantha Boaz moved to Boston to live near Harvard where her boyfriend is attending law school. She is on the job hunt and enjoying her new surroundings. Anthony Pho jumped right into the MSN/MPH Nurse Practitioner at JH. Olumide Akinyemi says, “God blessed my family with a cute baby girl in August which was two weeks after passing my Board exam.” Congratulations OluJennifer Kelley is on the infant med-surg unit at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, UT. Following graduation, she spent two weeks traveling and sightseeing through 12 states and enjoyed not studying! Palka Gupta: “Well, I just passed the NCLEX and I start work in a NICU at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center!!” Glenn Silverman is working at Maimonides Medical Center in NY. So, off we go to conquer the nursing world. I miss having classes with all of you! Have fun in our new profession, and try to keep those first-year nursing journals to look back on your experiences. Good luck to all of you and stay in touch!!

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