New Orleans Nursing: It's High Time for Help in the Lower Ninth Ward

By Kelly Brooks-Staub and Diana Schulin

Hard labor, health screenings, and dormitory-style bunk beds-not the usual trappings of a college student’s spring break. But for one dozen nursing students from Johns Hopkins University, traveling to New Orleans to help victims of Hurricane Katrina was just how they wanted to spend their holiday. Team NOLA helped with construction and renovation of homes in the Lower Ninth Ward through the organization and volunteered at the Lower Ninth Ward Health Clinic, St. Anna’s Medical Mission, and Touro Infirmary Emergency Department. For four days, they went from door to door throughout the Holy Cross neighborhood to conduct health screenings.

Team NOLA at the Lower Ninth Ward Health Clinic with Patricia
Tiling 101. Next up: mudding, painting, and roofing.


Hopkins nurses have brains and brawn! Volunteer Headquarters: in the devastated Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood. Treats from the ice cream truck.

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