Maureen Maguire-Teacher of All SON Classes-Rest On Laurels

Maureen Maguire-Teacher of All SON Classes-Rest On Laurels

By Lynn Schultz-Writsel

MaguireSON Assistant Professor Maureen Maguire, MSN, RN, PNP, who joined the SON faculty just as the second baccalaureate class entered the SON, has announced her retirement. According to Maguire, “It’s been an amazing ride and I’m surprised to realize that 23 years have gone by!” Throughout those years, Maguire has seen the School grow and change direction. She found each stage to be “a fascinating experience where you could learn and grow as a faculty member.” She added, “I liked it every day, but the most special times were those ‘Oh! I get that!’ moments with the students.”

Maguire, the recipient of three annual JHUAA student-selected Excellence in Teaching awards, noted that she knew it was “time for the teacher to rest on her laurels when I saw how my students were exceeding all expectations.”

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