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Class Reporter—Laura Brautigam June, P.O. Box 655, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, (760) 366-8181, [email protected]. During our training days we had a head nurse in GYN out-patient department who kept a list of unusual and interesting names of patients. Two that I remember were: Rolla Ball and Shirley Mae Pea. A classmate came down the hall one day with two urine specimens-one bright red and the other, bright green. We knew what the first one was but were surprised that the green one was from a patient who was taking Carter’s Little Liver Pills. Sorry to report the death of Mary Rogers Bradburn 10/2007. Elizabeth Toombs Keckler wrote from her 27 acres in Woodford, VA that she keeps busy with swimming, mowing her lawn, keeping blueberry bushes, singing in her church choir, knitting sweaters for needy children, along with activities in her Women’s Forum. She recently gave an oral history which was published about Fredericksburg, VA where she was born and lived until her entry to the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing. She recalls that one day as a student nurse she was caring for a typhoid patient who was so disgruntled that he would not speak and threw everything including food. As she was clearing up after him, she started singing “School Days” and to her amazement and that of the staff, the patient sang too! Winnie Wyncoop Carter of Huntington Beach, CA emails that she’s in touch with Lynn Reed Jackson who has recently moved to be nearer family. As for your reporter, my husband and I have been honored several times this year by the Palm Springs Air Museum in CA where we have gone every Sunday for 11 years. We each received “Volunteer of the Month” and as a couple (for the first time in the history of the Museum) “Volunteers of the Year.” We also have been featured in a full-page picture in the Palm Springs magazine entitled “Season in the Sun.” Longevity does have some perks!


Remember what it was like at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in 1948? We have great memories, and we look forward to seeing many of you back at Hopkins for your 60th reunion. Come see how things have changed and what has stayed the same.

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Class Reporter—Betty. B. Scher 1190 W. Northern Parkway #225 Baltimore, MD 21210. Phone: 443-449-5934. E-mail: [email protected]. Not much news this time, but at least there is no bad news of any classmate. Jane Shutts Pinkerton did have a hip replacement the end of March, has had a few complications but is slowly improving. I told Janey that I am really 100 percent recovered from my hip surgery now. No, I cannot keep up with my D.C. grandson in basketball, but that is because of age, not the surgery. Janey also reports the birth of her third great grandchild, with daughter Susan as the grandmother. Wow! Speaking of great grandchildren, I believe the class champ is Ruth Stilz Whitmore, who has six of them. Speaking of Ruth, Anna Clair Junkin and I (Betty Borenstein Scher) had lunch together the beginning of January at Ruth’s Catonsville “senior citizen” residence. We had a great time chewing both our food and “the fat,” and will do it again. Anna says she has slowed down a bit with this problem or that problem; Ruth is “not sure what” she does besides taking care of hubby Marv, but—as for time—”it just goes.” Ginger Groseclose David is delighted that her older daughter, with family, has moved back to the home area. Her younger daughter was expecting her second child (a boy) the end of May. Her vision problems, unfortunately, have not gone; the downhill is “slow, but steady.” However, according to Don, she still gets a lot done. Lolita Beidelman reported her trip to New Zealand was nice, but she is not settling there yet; all goes well with her in DC in the apartment in which she has lived for over 20 years. We also talked at length on philosophy and ethics in general, politics—of course—and essentially together we solved most of the problems of the universe. I got to spend a lunch time with Jo McDavid Hubbard during my short visit to KY in early March. Not much news there except all seems pretty well with few changes for Jo and her family. Charlie Royer contacted me at Passover sending me good wishes and writing a lot of family news, all of it good for the children and grandchildren. His leg injury is improving, but he was told to expect it to take at least a year for full recuperation. He also had heard from Ernie Del Signore who has stopped driving, but who will visit when Ernie’s son Bruce can drive him down. As for me (Betty), I am doing well and still do my volunteer Archives work one day a week, then Hospice one day a week. Also spend just about every week-end in DC visiting son Bob with his wife and son. If your name is not in this month’s news, maybe you can drop me a line (or e-mail)—or much later in the summer I actually may contact you.


Class Reporter—Catherine Morton Bork, 15039 Harrison Ave., Allen Park, MI 48101, (313) 381-9396, or email or call Rosie Ghysels at [email protected] or (616) 475-4677. Adele Sparks Birx and Ron are both well with just the usual little inconveniences of our aging selves. Rosie Ghysels had a couple of two-week vacations this winter to FL and CA. Getting away from MI in January and February is a good move! Northern MI has its skiing, and my sons camp out and cross country ski in the Upper Peninsula some winters. Rosie and Jane Boice Turnbull were tentatively planning to visit a few days with Betsy Boggs in OH in May. Betsy is not able to travel here to see us anymore. Not feeling well enough to manage the inconveniences of air travel with a wheelchair. Jane is having severe back pain which is somewhat alleviated by cortisone injections. She is considering surgery. In early fall of 2007, Esther Moore Clement wrote me of a rather sudden onset of cancer in a much beloved sister. She passed away in late fall, and I learned of it too late to include that information in the last class notes. She said she and Tom do some mall walking a couple times a week. Nancy Brooks Lacy writes such a newsy letter. She had written earlier that she was slowly going through things: To keep? Throw away? Recycle? Donate? Bestow on others? She sounds happily busy, but she didn’t have anything exciting to pass along. Interesting events and pursuits can be as worthwhile as exciting ones. She still drives, works in the yard, travels, helps out friends in need. She wants to drive to MD to see good friend Anna Clair Junkin ’50. Nancy’s oldest son Brooks needs a new kidney. His wife works at Vanderbilt University and drops Brooks off at Nancy’s four mornings a week. We nurses are being computerized, and all of us are struggling! Most are too old to have learned computers in school, and only one associate is competent to teach us. I get as many hour-long sessions with her as I can get. I know I don’t have a good attitude about computers. They seem so prone to breakdowns, failure, not being enterable and how do I close out temporarily when a patient down the hall needs me RIGHT NOW? Directing that darn mouse is akin to backing up with a trailer; it doesn’t go where I want it to go! Rose Mary Burroughs Schulte and her husband are doing well. She does some volunteer work a couple days a week and stays busy with family and grandchildren.


Doris Perkinson Zimmerman and her husband Jack are residing at Roland Park Place in Baltimore, MD. They have a son, a daughter and five grandchildren. Doris reports that Dr. Jack is the bionic man with an aortic valve and two replaced knees. Doris says she enjoys bridge, some golf, reading, volunteer work at Paul’s Place soup kitchen and the women’s club at Roland Park Place. She remembers the wonderful times on the 8th floor corridor, trips to Rehoboth in Helen Burch’s convertible and the end of preclin! Join us for our 55th reunion and hear more about our classmates and more memories of our days at JH School of Nursing.


Arianne Regester has been named Professor Emeritus at the Community College of Baltimore School of Nursing.


Class Reporter—Margaret Barber Trever, 29504 Hawkes Hill Rd., Easton, MD 21061-8646, (410) 822-0479, [email protected]. Kay Smith Burr writes that she will have to have a third surgery to repair the hole in her upper palate. She is one of the unfortunate ones whose Fosamax led to problems in the jaw and advises anyone prescribed Fosamax to avoid taking it until after dental surgery is completed.


If you haven’t sent your questionnaire back to the Alumni office, please do so. We want everyone included in our 50th reunion booklet. Hope everyone is planning to attend the reunion. It’s a special occasion that you won’t want to miss.

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Ingrid Bortner has been named Professor Emeritus at the Community College of Baltimore School of Nursing.


We’re looking forward to seeing you at Hopkins in September for your 45th reunion. If you haven’t already done so, please get your questionnaires back to Jodell Johnson.


Susan Gormley Buchanan says life in a Bel Air condo is much quieter than she had anticipated. She and her husband travel a lot. They have three grandsons 9, 7 and 3 and a granddaughter 1-1/2 to keep them busy, too! Life is good.


Leslie Nesin is an Episcopalian priest serving a church in Houlton, ME. She says she “finds that once a nurse, always a nurse! The people skills that nurses bring to bear very much inform how I do my job now.”


It’s our 40th reunion! Invitations are in the mail, and we hope you’ve made arrangements to be in Baltimore for reunion weekend, September 26 and 27. Amy Gibson Davis, Eunice Searles King, Melinda Rhoads and Sandy Bollinger Zeiler are hoping for a great turnout.

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Jeanie Aydelotte is working on our reunion booklet. Please send your questionnaire back to her asap. We’re looking forward to seeing you and celebrating our 35th reunion. Homecoming invitations are in the mail.


What are you doing both personally and professionally? Come to our 30th reunion and catch up with what’s been happening. We all have busy lives but let’s take some time to remember how we became Hopkins nurses during the turbulent years of the School of Health Services. Contact Eileen Gallagher Leahy for more information.

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Barbara Schweizer was presented a 2008 Women’s Leadership Award by the JHU Women’s Network at their 21st Annual Spring Luncheon at Charles Commons May 9, 2008.


Who’s coming to reunion? We’ve been nurses for 20 years! Join us for Homecoming and find out what everyone is doing.

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Hayley Mark had a baby girl in May and she’s a faculty member at JHUSON. What is everyone else doing? Come to our 15th reunion and find out. Invitations to Homecoming weekend are in the mail.

’93 Accelerated

Daniela Terrizzi DeFrino and Alison Paige Smith would like to hear who’s coming to reunion. Log in to JHU InCircle Accelerated Nursing Class of 1993. Let’s get some conversation going about our reunion. Reunions are the best when lots of people come back. Please make a special effort.


Jennifer Gregg Geise lives in Mystic, CT with her son 10 and daughter 6. In January 2007, her husband, John, who many of her classmates knew, was killed by a drunk teenage driver. It has been a very difficult year for them. Jennifer had been working in home health care but has been home with her children the past year. She has been accepted to UCONN for her NP and hopes to start this fall.


We were the first class in the beautiful SON building, and now they are planning an addition. We need to go back and see what’s happening not just with JHUSON but with each other. Hopefully everyone has received a letter regarding Homecoming and reunion. Please plan to attend. Go to JHU InCircle ( and click on Nursing Class of 1998 and let’s get a conversation going about reunion.

’98 Accelerated

Cynthia Henry Thurlow is working part time for a large cardiology group (35 MDs, 18 NPs) in the Northern VA/DC suburbs. She does a combo of inpatient and outpatient card management and really enjoys it. Her husband does a tremendous amount of traveling in his current job, and Cynthia is still balancing her part-time employment and two boys (2 yrs and 7 months). She keeps in touch with many alumni, including Sarah Jopling & Christina Boreale. Want to know more about who’s doing what? Log in to JHU In-Circle and join the Accelerated Nursing Class of ’98 group. Let’s see if we can get a good turnout for our 10th reunion.


Class Reporter—Kellye Scribner-Wright, 9116 Summer Park Drive, Parkville, MD 21234, [email protected]. Hi everyone! Long time, no see! I heard from Tracey Hearn-Odachowski, who is currently living in Newport News, VA, with her husband and two children 7 and 3. She recently accepted a position as critical care staff development educator at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital and Sentara Heart Hospital in Norfolk, VA. On a non-nursing note, you avid scrapbookers will be interested in knowing that Tracey was inducted into the Scrapbooking Hall of Fame! Her work has been featured in over 80 publications in various worldwide magazines! Congratulations are in order for Jenny Brady, who welcomed her third little bundle of joy! As for me, my family and I are still in the Baltimore area. I’m now working prn as a staff nurse at Patient First, an urgent care facility. I’ve been busy caring for my two sons, ages 1 and 4. I know that all of you are busy, too, but please take a few minutes to drop me an email. I would love to hear from more classmates!

MSN ’99

Class Reporter—Eileen Cordoba Tongson, 1016 NW 86th Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32606, (352)-332-9603, [email protected]. Hello! Kimberly Vaughn is still working at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center as a nurse practitioner. The division of geriatrics has recently opened a chronic medical unit with the support of psychiatry to address both medical and behavioral issues for the frail elderly. She is the NP program coordinator for this unit. Kimberly’s son is studying recording arts. After graduation in December, he would like to work or intern for Pixar so he will likely head for the west coast. Kimberly’s daughters are in high school. One will graduate in June and attend college in PA to study education. Her other daughter is a freshman. Kathy MacLeod has started a new business: Harmony with Reiki. Reiki is the gentle flow of healing energy from the Universe (or God) to us. Kathy was recently one of 12 Reiki practitioners to give Reiki to JHUSON students in Lori Edwards’ Complementary and Alternative Medicine class. Kathy reports, “We loved it, and they did too.” Kathy is always looking for opportunities to talk about Reiki and teach people about it. You may contact her : (410) 744-0549. Don’t forget send me your news for the next issue ([email protected])!

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Class reporter—Sarah Gauger, 1518 Redmond Drive, Durham, NC 27712, ([email protected]). Megan Dills Gulotta has started teaching childbirth classes as well as working as a women’s health NP. She also reports that she is expecting their second child this summer. Meredith Anthony Strachan had a beautiful little boy on September 12, 2007 and is doing great! Meredith continues to work part-time nights on a high risk antepartum unit at a hospital in FL. Brooke Schlosser Schwenk and her husband Brian are living in PA. Brooke is working as an NP in Employee/Occupational/Travel Health for Main Line Health, an affiliate of Jefferson Health System. She is pleased to announce the arrival of their first child, born March 9, 2008, four weeks early but everyone is home and healthy (but exhausted). Christen Hamilton Proffitt is now the mother of two girls -2 years old and 3 months old. She and her family are living in Richmond, VA. Christen is working four days a week as the FNP for the on-campus health center at Capital One. Eileen MacMurtrie has been working as a Senior Research Nurse for the Dept of Neurosurgery at The Hospital of the University of PA. She graduated from the ANP program at Villanova and hopes to transition to an NP role soon. Eileen would like to share exciting news that she is expecting their first baby in July. Marian Grant reports that she has left Bayview Medical Center to work as Marie Nolan’s senior research coordinator. This job change is to facilitate her returning to school to pursue her DNP degree. Marian also reports that Julie Spencer Cossamano is expecting her first child this summer. And I am pleased to report that I have passed the ANCC Advanced Diabetes Management board exams recently. I continue to work as an inpatient NP on the diabetes management service at Durham Regional Hospital (a sister hospital of Duke University Medical Center). I still have not heard from the rest of our classmates. Please send me any information that you would like to share with your classmates! You can send information at any time, and I will make sure it gets into the next edition of the magazine.

’00 Accelerated

Lara Ho is working with the International Rescue Committee in Tanzania.

’01 Accelerated

Class Reporter—Mariah Ventre Bianchi, 130 Galewood Circle, San Francisco, CA 94131-1132, (415) 664-4010, [email protected]. Mindy Crookham is in the MSN-Family NP program at JHUSON. To pay for the program, she took the National Health Service Corps scholarship. When she finished, she and Dave moved to a little mountain town in Northern California to repay/serve her time owed. The town is named Shingletown. Mindy and Dave were married in 2004 and had a son April 2006. Also, she just found out she is expecting again. Right now Mindy is teaching at a local junior college one day a week and working with an awesome MD in a small private family practice two-three days per week. If any of you are interested, she has a family blog: Molly Murray Wilkinson is still in the same job since nursing school-SICU in Minneapolis. She overcame her fear of commitment and married Chad (dated during school). They have two boys-3 and 2 years old. They are great and so much fun, but I look forward to going to work (Level 1 Trauma Center) to relax. She is sure all of you can relate. She is only there three shifts a week, so it works out great. Anna Parkman Johnson says there is no MSN or babies to report. She has been working at UC San Diego in Labor and Delivery since graduating from Hopkins. Every other week she changes her career goals from Women’s Health NP/CNM to MSN in nursing administration to MSN clinical educator to leaving all the crazy pregnant women and moving on to hospice care. In the meantime, she’ll stay with bedside L&D. She married the love of her life in August 2006, and they are very happy with their life in Carlsbad, CA. Kelly Williams Gavin says after nursing school she worked at Hopkins on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. During that time, she met her husband, Matt, who was living in NC at the time. She took a travel nursing job and went to NC to be near him. They were married in May of 2005 in New Orleans, three months before Katrina hit. After that, he was transferred to NJ so they live in New Hope, PA-about an hour outside Philadelphia and 1.5 hours from NYC. She has been working at a wonderful, small, community hospital in Labor and Delivery and LOVES it! By the time you read this, she should have delivered a baby boy. After finishing JHUSON, Emmy Bayer returned to San Diego for a year and started the FNP program which was canceled. She and Matt moved to Charleston, SC where she has been working in the MICU at MUSC, a level one teaching facility. She is trying to decide between FNP and CRNA. She and Matt have two wild boys, 3 and 11 mos. They are also opening up their own business, home inventory, on the side. Valerie Kies says that after graduation she moved back to the midwest. She worked in BMT at Mayo for a few years and then she and Kathy (her partner) moved to St Paul where she took a job in the PICU at the U of Minnesota. They bought a house, got married (not legally), sold the house, moved to Iowa City where she is currently a PA student at the University of Iowa. Valerie graduated in June. They are hoping to settle in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. No kids yet for them, just a fantastic dog named Phineaus. He’s a 3-year-old golden-doodle. Since graduating Valerie has moved 10 times, and she is ready to STAY PUT (for at least a few years)! Monica Robins Mewshaw finished her MSN/MPH at Hopkins about two years ago and got a job as a clinical education specialist at a hospital in Annapolis. She is doing a nursing graduate internship, nurse mentoring, and other educational pieces in the hospital. She recently cut back her hours to part time so she could spend more time with her two-year-old son and her husband. Leigh Thurmond Weihs has a 3-year-old son and 16 mo.-old boy/girl twins. She was laid off when she landed on bedrest with the twins 1 years ago so she has been home ever since. Leigh is still living in Baltimore, married to a guy she met at the Hopkins pool. Ashley Torre Logan is working part time as an FNP and full time as a mom to a two-year-old son and a three-month-old daughter. She loves both roles! Heather Weeden Richardson says Howdy from Texas! She and Nick have been married for 5 years and are still toughing it out down south. She has been having a blast being an EC/Trauma Nurse at one of the two level one trauma centers down in Houston. It is the county hospital so she feels good helping those with the most need. She has done management there, but decided she liked working with the patients better. So Heather went back to school for her NP degree. She is in a program that focuses on emergency care so she can go run some small town EC or work in the urgent care center in a large area. And if you ever see a reason, they have a lovely spare bedroom and love guests! Kim Otto-Rietkerk relocated to NH about a year ago-back to her hometown. She is working as an ER nurse in the hospital where she was born. In fact the nurse who delivered her is still there. It is a small community hospital but pretty busy and interesting. Kim and her husband have two girls: ages 3 and almost 1. Amy Klepetar is living in northern British Columbia teaching peds nursing and epidemiology at the University of Northern British Columbia. She spent the last six years living in beautiful Utah working at a pediatric specialty hospital, and got her MSPH while she was there. Amy got married a year and a half ago! Deb Guss is well in NYC, living in Staten Island. She is still wandering around the projects as a visiting nurse meeting all sorts of people. There is nothing like seeing what is really going on in a person’s life as when you are in their home. She loves the work, and she is currently working on her FNP. She is still living with her man. Mike Bumbach says “Yo, from Sunny FL!” He works as an NP in an urgent care clinic.

Dr. Dan Sheridan, Marjorie Fass, Lori Faber, MSN’05, and nine other recent alumni attended a reception for prospective students in Chicago, Illinois. The alumni who share their time–and their stories–at these events have proven valuable to the school’s recruitment efforts.

Avery is now going on 2. Ivonne is feeling well as number two is on the way. We’d love to have visitors! Send in your reservations anytime. Kari Shefland says “Helloooooo from Minnesota!” She has been working as a CRNA in rural MN for two years. She spends many call nights placing labor epidurals, but you couldn’t find a more empathetic CRNA, as she had her third child this past year. She has two daughters and a son. Sarah Bourguignon Nichols graduated from UCSF midwifery school in 2005 and has been working as a CNM in San Francisco. It is a busy busy place. She delivers approximately 300+ babies a year. She was recently married, name change, the works. However, no babies, other than the ones she catches. Pia Nierman is still working at NIH at the outpatient clinic running clinical trials and giving tons of chemo and supportive care to stage 3 and 4 patients for phase 1 and 2 studies and transplant regimens. Biggest news for her though is she delivered her third baby-a gorgeous little girl. So she now has three little girls to keep her smiling and busy. Judy Podziewski remained in Baltimore to work in Hopkins ED for almost two years. Then they all went back to Bhutan where she worked in the National Hospital teaching nurses and helping out in the ICU and emergency department. They have been in Myanmar, Burma, since August of 2004. Judy was hired as a consultant to help start up the emergency department in the first and only International Hospital in Myanmar. Her children attend the international school there and enjoy the mix of cultures from all over. So if anyone is interested, you are all welcome in Yangon. Ella Selwood Weinkle and her husband have settled in Columbia, SC. She is a clinical faculty member for the University of South Carolina College of Nursing. She works in a clinic on campus providing primary health care for faculty, staff and the general public. Their most exciting news is the birth of their daughter. Maggie Stull Drezewski has two girls. She worked for about four years in inpatient and outpatient oncology before having children. Ever since then, she has been primarily a stay-at-home mom and works VERY part time (on the prn/float pool staff) at a small community hospital. They live in Washington, PA. She has several ideas about what she is going to do once she goes to work again full time so she is not sure where she’ll end up exactly. But, Maggie knows she is going to be choosy about where/how she spends her precious time. And if you’re ever in the Pittsburgh area, let her know. Heather Riley is now a Rivasplata since she married Carlos, whom she met in Peru. She went there to do some public health research and a year later she came back to start working as an FNP. It has been three years now at her little free clinic in DC, and it has been great. Sherri Bradfield Ball moved to Hood River Oregon after graduation and worked in Portland at OHSU ED for five years. The last nine months she worked on customizing and implementing a paperless charting system for the ED. So, she has been out of patient care for over two years. Sherri married a Philly boy whom she met in the Hood in 04. She retired from nursing and gave birth to a son in December 06. Heather Murray is still in Montana, working on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation for HIS. There is never a dull moment. I, Mariah Ventre Bianchi, have been in San Francisco ever since graduating and working in the ICU and electronic ICU (monitoring from video cameras is a nice clean way to go). I have three beautiful babies. The oldest is 6 now-how did time pass so quickly?


It’s our 5th reunion from JHUSON. Please join us for Homecoming and an opportunity to find out what everyone has been doing over the past five years. Are people in an entirely different field of nursing than they ever imagined when they were at nursing school? Azucena Perdomo DeNunez is currently working for Minute Clinic and a private family practice clinic (Vista Medical Group) in southern CA as an FNP. She has her MS/FNP degree from Georgetown University and plans to apply for the DNP program at Hopkins this year. She worked in heart transplant ICU in New Orleans, LA before Hurricane Katrina. Come to reunion and find out more.

’03 Accelerated

It’s been five years since we walked across the stage to receive our nursing degree from Johns Hopkins! What have you been doing? Please mark September 26 and 27 down and plan to come to Homecoming. Invitations are in the mail. Log in to JHU InCircle and click on Accelerated Nursing Class of 2003. Let’s find out who can come and what people are doing.

’06 Accelerated

Katie Cole is working at Vanderbilt in the MICU, and she starts the acute care program in August.


At a reception for prospective students in Marina del Rey, California, Judy Chadderdon’06, Carina Sonberg Sterling ’03, and Veronica Sezanov ’06 joined other alumni and faculty to share was it is “really” like at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.

Class Reporter—Susie Mueller, 1605 Hardwick Road, Towson, MD 21286, 443-722-6761, [email protected]. Rebecca Amrany is living in Encino, CA, working for UCLA in pediatrics, soon to start PICU training at Santa Monica UCLA. Shelby Barendrick is working in the Transitional Care Unit at Kaiser Permanente in South San Francisco. She recently became engaged to Chris D’Anjou whom she met on graduation day last May in Baltimore! She is staying busy planning her Maui wedding! Samantha Bennett has been working in the JHH NICU since August. She continues to live in Baltimore and recently traveled to Thailand and Vietnam. Beth Brubaker has stayed in Baltimore in the downtown area. She is working at JHH, Meyer 8 Neuro and hopes to start on a master’s soon. Gwen Coleman just finished her first year working in a NICU at Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital inWI. She completed her ACLS training and is currently studying to take her CNRN certification. She loves her job, especially the schedule, which includes seven 10-hour days then off for seven days. She also loves the flexibility for planning vacations. Erin Brown Colgan was married last year and moved to Indianapolis, IN. She works as a Public Health Nurse for the county health department. Erin is also continuing her education by starting MSN/MBA program at Anderson University. Marci Donaldson informs us that she is happily employed at the Portland VA Medical Center, Med-Surg-cardiac telemetry in Portland, OR. Marci also wants to let us know if anyone is thinking about working for the VA, relocating to Portland, or anything else she can help with, they are welcome to contact her! Thanks Marci. Ellen Falck reports an unfortunate and recent diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. However, Ellen says she had surgery in April and is “feeling like a new woman [and] about to finally start nursing!” She lives in Silver Spring now but will hopefully work in Shock Trauma at the University of Maryland. Good Luck, Ellen, we are cheering for you! Kara Franz is learning a lot in the MSN Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/MPH program at Hopkins. Kara plans to finish next year. Heidi Huston does not have any specific updates at this time, but wishes everyone well and hopes to have more information for the next alumni magazine. Julia Overturf Johnson has been working on a general medical floor at a community hospital in Silver Spring, MD since graduation, learning a ton and even starting to be charge nurse and precepting new nurses. Julia is still living in Rockville with her husband and two cats. Hannah Knight just moved downtown to Federal Hill. She’ll be celebrating her first year at Mercy Medical Center in July as an operating room nurse. Currently, she is switching back and forth between patient care and assisting in the implementation of a new computer documenting program PICIS. Hannah has also been seriously thinking of returning to school for the CRNA program. Woo! Michele Kraft reports nothing new with her. She is at Hopkins working in the NCCU. Michele also shares that she isn’t planning on starting school again for a LONG time! Susie Italiano Mueller still lives in Towson. She is working on a research and medical unit and has taken up knitting with the help of her co-workers. So far, Susie is enjoying her free time working, running, quilting, and looking for a new house. Kristine Nelson moved to Portland, OR and bought a house. She is finishing a one-year fellowship at a local hospital before deciding which unit she would like to work on for the next two years. She also reports “as soon as we start getting some sunshine, all will be well!” Alison Purcell moved to Philadelphia after graduation, and started working on the medical oncology floor at Pennsylvania Hospital in July. Alison works full time and just finished her first semester of part-time MSN courses at University of Penn. Irina Barkhatova Rifkind is working at JHH in Weinberg 5A (oncology unit). She is going back to SON this coming fall for MS program. Jessica Sabo worked for two years with autistic children before coming to JHUSON. She is currently living in Philadelphia with her boyfriend and is working as a pediatric nurse at the Cardiac Center of the Children’s Hospital. Jennifer Bond Snyder is working on the Acute Pedia-trics floor at the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital. She is married and is expecting their first child in September. Joe Spiccioli continued to work at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center but moved from the Emergency Dept to the Medical ICU. Eventually, after proper orientation in all the ICUs, he will be a Critical Care/ED float nurse. Julie Story moved from Phoenix to CA after working on the Neuro Acute floor for one year. She is currently working in the ER at the VA in Southern California and loving it. She is also considering taking a com-mission in the ARMY reserve nursing corps. Overall, Julie is doing well, working hard at paying off those school loans! Stacy Telmanowski got engaged shortly after we graduated from JHUSON and is getting married in October! She is currently working at St. Joseph Medical Center and GBMC in the ER. Talk about busy! She hopes to buy a house soon! Emily Gove Tuthill and her husband are living near the White Mountains in NH in a small straw-bale house her husband built while in high school. A large part of her time is spent working on a step-down cardiology unit at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Memorial Center. Margaret (Megan) Tyler reports “No big changes for me.” Megan is still working at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD. Her unit is unique in that she cares for a wide variety of patients with different types of psychiatric issues. Miriam Weisfogel changed her name to Becker after her marriage in May. Miriam shares with us that “he’s a great guy and I couldn’t be happier.” She has been working as an L&D nurse at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore for almost 10 months and really enjoying it. Nicole Mitchell Weddig and her husband are living in Charles Village in Baltimore. She is working in the Critical Care Unit at Union Memorial Hospital. (Be sure to go to JHU In-Circle to find everyone’s new address and e-mail).

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